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No Smoking Day
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Thanks, nine-months-ago Me!

Hello folks!

How lovely to see some lovely new faces around the place :)

I passed my nine-month mark with barely a glance, which is nice, but I also kinda miss the days when I noticed every little milestone. I wonder if the not noticing is part of the reason why I've had a few odd craves lately - perhaps complacency is setting in? Whatever, I will not be beaten, not now that I'm starting to feel like my first whole year is in sight :D

I'd just like to say to everyone in the early stages - keep posting! Just having a record to look back on is so valuable - if you can, like me, look back from the lofty heights of nine months and see a reminder of the torture you went through in those first days and weeks, it really helps. I'm thanking nine-months-ago me for the little list that lives in my purse, reminding me of the reasons I wanted to quit. And the list I wrote of all the benefits I started to notice. And all the posts here that I wrote, that remind me just how determined I was - and help me to realise that I will not let that nine-months-ago me down by slipping up now! NOPE!

There. That's me giving myself a talking to, in the guise of offering advice to others :P Stay strong, quitters! xxx

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Hey hey Incy...you know better....how many people have you seen having that only One?!... And then disappear... And then come back again....and so on...

I was ahead of you by a month when you started...I'm way behind you now...that's what ONE does to you!

Congratulations on your 9 months and do keep posting, you're like a breathe of fresh air around the forum...we all need you around.

Big hug friend, be good! Xxx


Hi mmaya :) Thank yooooooooooooooou! Don't worry - there'll be no naughtiness from me - just thought I'd better harness the power of the forum by posting again before the cravings get serious - which I don't think they will, but coming here's like insurance!

You're doing so well mmaya :) x WE ROCK!


We sure do!!!!

I was like that for 5 days last week. I wouldn't even call it cravings... Just couldn't stop thinking abt a sneaky one, no one needs to know abt it! Ah stop it! This quitting thing is draining!

On a good note, I just saw my partner going outside for his cigarette as usual...there's a serious storm going on here, I don't even know how did he manage to light up the cigarette. He came in soaked, smelly and grumpy... And Im still here in my lovely orange sofa watching my lovely movie and smelling like coconut (shampoo) because I no longer smoke!!! Xxx


That's great mmaya! Good for you :)

Funny isn't it, how we think sneakiness would make it ok...almost as if, if no-one knew, it'd be like it never really happened - never mind that we'd know ourselves! Silly addict-brains!


Incy...Thank you and like I said in the past....Out came the sunshine...Truly Literally and figuratively when you post there is sunshine.. Thank you !!!


Hey Incy, huge congratulations on reaching 9 months, that is great! Yeah, my hubby quit 2 years ago and he gets that urge for "just one" every now and again but as they come along we are stronger to deal with them, but think you hit the nail on the head about not being complacent, guard up at all times, I never want to go through what I did for the first month of my quit and will read my early posts when needed. Thanks for the post to keep us on track....:)


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