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I have joined the site today and if the first time ever, that I have posted anything, so here goes: I am on day 4 using patches and inhalator. I have been reading the messages on the site and it has helped cope with those little urges. Today has been the most difficult; had the day off work and I have been on my own. I have kept myself busy painting my dad's new house. The big test was going to the shop... the fags were on the shelf and they kept saying "" "buy me". I surpised myself and resisted. I am feeling more confident each day that passes.

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Hiya Im Teresa , nice to meet you , Im also on day 4 using Patches :D

Im also new here , joined last night and it really is helping .. My Hubby n Bro in Law also quit at the same time as me .. and so far so good :)



Welcome to the home of many happy ex smokers.

Well done on your quit, 4 days without Mr Nic is fantastic.

Keep on keeping on.


Hi PP,

Welcome and well done on resisting the nicodemon. :)

Congrats on day 4 and for deciding that the nicomonster is not going to rule your life anymore.

The hardest part you have done, now its onwards and upwards and heres to a better smoke free life and watching the days turn to weeks turn to months. Well done



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