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Day 4

Cant beleive im on day 4 now , never thought i would get this far , and its going great .. had a couple of cravings but nothing major :D My breathing feels a lot better and i can use my inhalers now without coughing. Had a rough nites sleep last nite though was up on and off coughing was driving me nuts .. need to get back to my knitting cos im finding that really does help me a lot and find i dont think about smoking at all then :D Hope you are all having a great smoke free day :)

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Hello Hunny.

Blimey that went quick didnt it :eek: Well done to you :)

The coughing will get better hun, like you probably know, its your lungs clearing out all the crap.

Snowie x


Thankyou Snowy :)

Been a couple of times ive wanted to give in but got through it and still going , Can't wait till tomorrow as it's getting closer to a week of being smoke free :D


Your Welcome,

No dont give in... just think you are so close to completing that ONE WEEK....Do you really want to go back to day one??

Believe me it isnt nice going all the way back down there... that was me earlier this year when i gave up back in March and here i am now on week 3 while others in March have done fabbo and are still quit!!

Nope, me never going back to day one again, so stay strong and you will be fine

Snowie xx


Looking at other people in my original "quit group" in January - I could have been in Month 11 instead of Day 4. Absolutely thrilled for the people still quit, don't get me wrong, but it's incredebly annoying.

As is everything else right now, to be honest! :)


Thx for sharing that Munter... I think it really shows people that if they start smoking again they won't actually feel happier for it.

I've got what happened (falling off the wagon) as a lesson to learn and that's a massive advantage so don't let it annoy you :)


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