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Fridays are great for 2 reasons now

I have always loved a Friday, start of the weekend, years ago start of party time, now more that we have family time.

Now though I have a whole new reason to love a friday. Its the start of my next smoke free week. I have noticed that I feel slightly elated on fridays. One, cos I have got through another week without smoking, two, bbecause I look to the next week and have no desire to smoke through it and that just makes me so happy. Never thought I could feel like this quiting something I have so hevily relied upon for so long.

So Fridays are just great.

Sian xx

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LOL @ years ago it being party time....... oh i remember those days :cool:

Im a recluse now and dont go out lol too many youngsters out there which make me feel extremely old :eek:

Well done though hun, you are doing so well, hope you feel proud coz i do .

snowie xx


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