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12th Day~Whoop, whoop

Good morning all my Stop Buddies,

Here it is day 12, yep day 12 and only 2 days more in this week then i can join the week 3 thread.

I feel so good knowing that i am at this stage but i am not being too complacent cos you cant let your guard down as u never know when Mr Nico might try and work his magic, arghhhhhhhhhhhh


Anyhow, hope you like this image.

Take care all and enjoy you Non Smoking Day

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Day 12 Jo!!! Woo hoo!!! :)

You're doing great!! Keep churning those scarves out :D. Far better than shoving tubes of burning leaves in your mouth :eek:.

Ed xx


Mornin Ed

Yeah i would rather be doing the scarves now rather than what was it we used to call it, ah yes "SMOKING".

Im on number 12 scarf now so you could almost say a scarf a day keeps the nicodemon away, ha ha ;)

I think the champix is nearly out of my system now, thank goodness. I would not tell others not to take them but do so with care because everyone is different and i must have just been one of those who after that amount of time could not stomach it, but at least im off of them now and have gone CT which means i dont have any chemicals going through my system at all.

OH is being a little but funny today, dont know why, i will try and find out but he has got a right cob on for some reason. I dont know cat do right for doing wrong in this house at the mo. Anyhow catch ya later



Wow Jo

Who's the girl then?

Well done.


Hi Garry

I know i just cant stop, im now addicted to knitting, i think at this rate im gonna have to join K.A. (Knitters Anonymous) ha ha.

All good fun though and i know from my previous attempts that if i dont do this i could lapse and i dont want that so "House of scarves" here we come.................................busy, busy, busy



You just keep on doing whatever keeps you off Mr Nic's wicked weed.


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