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Into 3rd week

Dear All,

I have set foot in week three.:

I am amazed in one way as it has gone fast and slow.

I think about cigs on and of for parts of the day and yesterday had a huge craving not enought to get me to go out and buy them.

Does anyone else have this speedy feeling I seem to have it towards the end of the day,it's not energy it's just fast thoughts.

Think I am going mad?

No on a serious note,I live in non smoking houshold and that has been a great help,next week have a freind coming to stay who smokes so i will have to be strong.

All of you who live with smokers I think you need extra points because what you are doing is hard and great I take my hat off to you if I wore one.


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Brilliant Terri!!!!

The thinking about cigs on and off is totally normal, they have been part of our lives for so long, how can we not think about them?

but as long as thinking about is all we do!! After a while i am sure these thought will get less and less :D

I dont have fast thoughts of an evening, just terrible cravings that make me wobbly big time and it uses all of my strength up not to give in!!

Am hoping this will subside soon.

Congrats again Terri

Snowie xx


Way to go Terri!! Brilliant!! You're doing great!!

Good luck with your smoking friend next week. You have the strength to do it!!

Ed xx


Good going getting to wk3! I think the first 2 weeks were the worst.

Answering to your speedy thinking issue.... I didn't have experience like that but have noticed the weirdest things happening to my body. First were regular cravings, but also vision issues and severe concentration problems. I didn't seem to be able to focus my eyes or thoughts for a long period of time. After couple weeks most of this was gone, but since then I have had issues with my cycle, levels of energy, emotional ups and downs, unreal motivational fights, weird dreams, bizarre skin changes, body temperature fluctuations...

At this point nothing surprises me and strangely I quite like all of these noticeable symptoms as I think my body is finally getting back to normal after years of abuse, so no wonder if its in a bit of a shock.



Your right do you think all thesae wierd changes are just down to the nicotine.

Do hope it gets better because I am the the happiest person to be around.

My god if that what cigs do to you it has to be pretty powerful stuff.

Take care.



I believe that all of the changes are due to body and mind returning to normal and healthy state. Who knows how all of those thousands of toxins have been affecting, propably very differently for different people as well, so its not a surprise that we get strange symptoms when we quit.

My advice - Enjoy the ride!


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