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The beauty of 3Rd month

I haven't been here much lately due to some personal commitments but I haven't forgot about anyone :)

Just a quick update, I've experienced this week a all new phase...this is new for me, although I am serial quitter.

I realised about an hour ago that I haven't actually thought about the cigarettes since Sunday when I was on the forum.

I've been busy, I have a lot of work in the office as we are approaching Christmas and there's a lot going on personally as well...all and all, I am delighted to say I am no longer thinking about not smoking every second of my life.

There seems to be an end to it...and I hope this is it.

Hope everyone is doing well.


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That's great news mmaya. Getting to the stage when you're not even thinking about them has got to be a big step forward.

Very pleased for you.


Thanks for that post Mmaya. Very encouraging for me to read that. I'm so looking forward to the day I don't think about smoking or relate it to every situation or action.

Very well done to you!!!


That's why I posted :) I was only saying that a few days ago...and next thing without realising I just forgot all about it.

It does get better Becky, stay strong. You have to go past week 7 before you can see big improvement, that's the sad truth.


I quit 10/23/2015 - so we are on the same detox clock !' The cravings are down but still rear their ugly heads - not gonna cave - have come to far to restart !!


Don't cave in Steve, if only I could make all of you believe me and trust me.

I've relapsed over and over around week 5,6 and 7 because I couldn't see the light in the end, only to find out the light comes in immediately after that.

Stay strong, you will not regret it.


Thanks mmaya!! Appreciate the words of wisdom and support!!


Hi SteveD and welcome....Maya is a self acnowledged/declared serial quitter and nailed it.... and on this quit Maya dodged the triggers and embraced the difficulties... Remember.. there is no way around it but through...Stay strong...! It really becomes easier !!!!


That I am!.... Hehehe....practice makes perfect!

Thanks Hercu!


Definitely...We have got the proof.!!!


Glad to hear you seem to have turned the corner mmaya and great to hear you sounding so positive. Good to know that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.:)


Sorry to hear the sad news about your friend Mmaya. That must have been an awful shock to have to come to terms with so you could have done without the bathroom and car problems that must seem trivial in comparison although they've still got to be sorted.

Tomorrow I have the roofer coming first thing to see what's causing a small damp patch in the spare bedroom, I had a joiner in today plus I was looking after my daughter's young puppy so I had it tearing in and out of the garden covered in mud and driving me round the bend even though I do like her. My husband manages to escape all the chaos and mayhem and has the cheek to wonder why I'm fed up - he comes in when everything is back to normal of course lol.

At least I haven't smoked. In the days when I did I dread to think how many I'd have gone through today so I must be doing something right at long last. x

I've just realised I should have posted this further down - I'm brain dead tonight I think lol.


A good warm glass of red wine Linda, that's what we both need, not a cigarette!!!


Mmaya, you must have read my mind because I've just had exactly that and it hit the spot. I think we'll be fine. xx


Thank you linda, I hope it stays this way...if it stays this way I can now promise you I will never smoke again.I hope you are well, we haven't been chatting lately.

You're 12 weeks now, how does it feel like? :)


I would love to say it feels great Mmaya and it was until this week that's proving to be quite frustrating. Nothing to do with smoking - just things going wrong with the house that need fixing and the upheaval and stress, not to mention expense, that goes with them. I have to be honest and say that the thought of a cigarette has crossed my mind more than once. Funny how these unexpected little dramas (that I tend to get completely out of proportion) can bring you down to earth with a bang. I certainly won't break my quit at this stage but I obviously still have a way to go before I'm completely free of the horrible addictive habit. These things are sent to try us though and they certainly aren't worth smoking for but I thought I was well and truly past that kind of temptation. Just digging my heels in and trying to carry on regardless.


Well done Linda, 12 weeks, can't wait to reach that milestone in 2 weeks time, ah, life stresses, you are doing great, be proud and give yourself a huge pat on the back, you are over the worst - so they say, hopefully it is true for us x


I know well linda, the same here.

I actually thought I wouldn't survive last week as I had to deal with the death of a very close friend which I am trying to come to terms with.

Apart from that, hey the stupid list goes on and on.

The bathroom downstairs is leaking, I can't get q plumber to come over because I'm slavering for 12 hours day and they don't seem to work afterhours.

The beams in the car stopped working last night and I was pulled by the guards while trying to reach the rescue service.

Because the keys were in the ignition, although I was stopped they still gave me 2 tickets, one for the lights and another for being on the phone.... Seriously?!

...I'm not going to let myself go for anything really... I've worked too hard to get where we are.

Stay strong buddy!


Oh Mmaya, you're really facing some challenges at the moment. You can reward yourself for being so determined not to give in and for being aware of what you would lose if you did. All the hard work you've put into this quit. Just hold on to that thought and be very proud of yourself.


Becky re-set your goal for another 21 days and postpone that cigarette until then.

Allow yourself another 21 days just to see how it goes, after that you'll decide if it's worth to stay quit or


I'll do that Mmaya. Thanks. :)


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