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Why is the 3rd week so hard?

HI guys,

Its only a couple of days until i get to the 3rd week (i am now on day 12) and have heard a lot about week 3 being really hard for some. So i am trying to put measures into place that may help me in week 3 ( i know its a bit in advance, but i like to be prepared).

Why do they say week 3 is so hard?

What are your experience of week 3?

Do you have any tips for me, that will help me through week 3?

Thanks guys!

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Hey claire, I am on day 11 so am with you on needing tips!!!


Hi Pinotlover,

hopefully someone will be along soon to give us some advice. I think its a good thing to be prepared, especially as its supposed to be such a hard week!

How is your quit going so far? Well done on 11 days!!


Morning Both glad to see you are both still in the quit zone, 3 days/weeks/months or years doesnt matter, we all hit hard places but they are not always at the same places, some found the 3s were bad so they got labelled the terrible threes but just go with your own quit and try not to read too much into where others struggled.

Are you still sipping the water LOL and into the third week is brilliant keep posting and like I said as you are both into about the same quit talk to each other and be there as quit buddies x


Thanks Jamangie, you are totally right!

Everyone gets harder times. Mine might be at week 3, or 4 or 5 or 26..but as long as i am prepared, it doesnt matter!


Hi Guys,

I think at whatever stage you are at with your quit there will be some especially difficult personally, and I am a few weeks off 6 months with no cigs/puffs/drags.............totally clean............I found that I would have alternate days, good day/bad day..........week 3 and month 3 I think I found diffucult but I dont think there is any significance!!

I have been beginning to realise that quitting is not just about mental preparation or mind over matter, I have had times, even weeks where I am happy go lucky and fags never cross my mind, good good times!! Then I get times where I crave madly, the last week has been difficult, but the only thing in my mind is to never take the 1st puff, and that is all that gets me through..................god knows I could smoke, would sometimes love a smoke..............but I wont take that 1st puff, even when my brain is fuzzy and crying out for me to have one.....................

Life as a non-smoker for me has been a very rollercoaster journey but I am totally happy to be free from it and all its constraints, I have found the school holidays particularly stressful and always said if I get through the hols I can get through anything! I had the crappiest, craviest day yesterday and yet today a complete turnaround and had probably the nicest day EVER since I quit.............

So stick with it and ladies it really does knock years off you!! Hair, skin, nails, eyes............everything just feels so much better as a non-smoker!

Shelly (who today is a very happy non-smoker :D) XX


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