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My new reasons

Well I was here 2 years ago and I had a list of very good reasons for stopping. In fact I had a look back at my old posts and re read them. They were good reasons, unfortunately they were not the right reason.

I am actually giving up now for the only right reason that works.

Because I just don't want to smoke anymore.

Not for my kids (although a fringe benefit) not for money (you can always find the money to smoke) and not because everyone and his dog is telling me I should.

I really just don't want to do it anymore.

And the fact i've gone cold turkey, something I would have never believed possible 2 years ago, just proves to me that I can do this.

I called the Doc's on the monday for an appointment, got one for wednesday and then quit on the Thursday. No long drawn out, i'll quit on the 30th, etc etc etc. I Just did it.

Coming up 2 week and never felt better or more proud of myself.

S xx

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Well Done You

Hi Levs

Just read your "Reasons" and i think that those are the best reasons for quitting, they litterally hit the nail on the head so to speak.

I know you can do this as like me you have looked at why you went back to those nasty blighters and thought NO they are not going to run your life and this time its for keeps.

You go for it and good luck and thats to both of us because we can do this.

Take care

Jo x


Well done Sian!!!

You're right... you've got to do it for yourself... not for the kids, or the money, or for anyone else... you!!!!

I'm a second time rounder too... gave up for 2 years the first time. This time it's for keeps... because I'm not doing it to prove to anyone that I CAN do it, I'm not doing it for my son, I'm not doing it to get my mother off my back, I'm not doing it because I think I 'ought to' ( last time). I'm doing it because I know what a difference that being a non-smoker makes to my life and this time I really want to!


Hi all, I quit 20 years ago for 11 Months and then went back to being a smoker, like all of you at the time I quit for the wrong reasons, pressure from the media, sister, children, money the list goes on and on.

As you have all realised they are not necessarily the right reasons are they, we need to quit for ourselves and this time I did and I know this time I want smoke again, I have moved house had a sick dog a few health issues as well but nothing has made me light up, so all of you who are doing great stick with it for your own reasons no one else’s, let the other reasons be a bonus on the side.


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