No Smoking Day
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Day 10 to leave day 9 in the dust ;)

Happy Day 10 here :)

Day 9 was the pits, the hardest one YET! I don't quite get it why this is getting harder to do instead of easier. Read yesterday that 97% of quitters cave in week 2 and smoke again and still smoke years later, I kinda understand now why....

Searched the entire house for that one remnant cigarette and if found, again, I would have smoked it.

I am really glad that I put my main rule of the game to not BUY any..... otherwise the 1 mile trip to the store would have been easy yesterday, ugh.

But seriously, I had a heck of a day. Stabbed my finger while vacuuming (I don't even know how!!) just know that even the act of rushing the house with the monster machine didn't seem to be enough action to keep my thoughts off it.

On a happier note: I haven't coughed in a week!! The teeth whitening strips finally seem to DO something and I am quite glad I don't have to hide the smell by constantly chewing gum and taking 3 showers a day anymore!

Lets see how this tenth day of my journey will ride along.....

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Hi there.

I am on day 11 and it is hard.I do not feel out of the woods at all.

But I try and stay positive and tell myself the nicotine is out my body and it is my mind need retraining and I can do it.

Someday are very very hard but the urges only last about 1-2 mins so Yes I can cope with this.

Stay strong and let me know how your doing.You are not alone.



I just still plainly WANT to smoke, that's all :)

Quite interesting to watch my own brain trying to make excuses, situations, planning for future quits etc etc ALL DAY LONG....

I think weekends are quite hard for me as I usually got to smoke a bit more. I never smoked in front of anybody, especially not hubby. He works from home, so I didn't get so many chances. He plays on the weekends outside of home and I got to "relax and smoke" quite a bit and that is exactly what I want to do now.

Sipping coffee with a heavy dose of real cinnamon seems a good distraction...

sniff :(


My day is almost done, did lots of yard work and kept busy!!! nooooo smokes :)

Going to take a little hike with the pups now and then be lazy for the evening. (I'm in the US, hence you're all asleep now I guess)...


10th day

Hi NotMe. I'm also on my 10th day and it's not getting any easier,in fact as I write this, (it's 15.30pm Monday) I am desperate for a smoke, the urges are torturous, everyone says it gets easier with time, but how much time, I honestly don't know how much longer I can go on like this, it's driving me nuts. Please, someone say something to encourage me. Dicker.


I know, right?!?

what is up with that, to me it feels like it is a LOT harder in the second week than in the first...

But fret not!

Today is what, my 11th day, and it was a piece of cake compared to yesterday. I had a few "wants" but very little "craves", no shaky hands like MUST HAVE ONE NOW things going on, very pleasant. Made me smile :)


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