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Day 9 Ended. Day 10 Failed!!

So today is drawing to the end of day 9 and it's been a horrible day, family problems have drawn me to tears and piled on a mountain of stress. All I can think about is a strong gin and twenty fags, even now the cravings are worse than they have been for days. I know tomorrow is going to be much the same and I don't think I have it in me to resist another day like today. Praying that tomorrow I gain some extra will power to push through it.

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Stick with it Haylee, you know that a fag won't change anything, it'll just be another reason to feel cr*p! We had a family issue in my first week and I was with two smokers at the time; it was a close call but I let them get on with it; I hope you can too for your sake, you've worked hard to get to day 9.

I hope things settle down for you though, it's rubbish to see anyone upset. :(


Come on hunni,nearly bedtime,youve made it this far so please dnt let them horrid sticks beat you,i to have had a rough few days(think i chose the worse wk of the yr to give up)my daughters moved out and isnt talking to me,2 hard work toddlers then yday was the anniverary of my nans death which hit me hard,i almost asked a friend for a fag,all i wanted all day was one,but i held out,i dont know how,but im bloody glad i did,just come on ere,scream,rant n rave,anything just keep going,it can only get easier and if you make it through these few days you can make it through anything

Keep strong

Allie x


I know this sounds like empty words when you're in the thick of it, but it won't be this hard forever. Before you light up please think twice. Think three times. Keep thinking! Inhaling smoke and toxic crap doesn't actually help with any of the stressful things that are happening. All that you will have is the same issues, a ticket back to square one, and a lungful of poison.

It's your choice and only you can make it, but with practice even the most hideous things life throws at you can be managed without cigarettes - you just have to keep powering through this difficult patch.

You've come so far, do whatever you have to do to stay off them tomorrow. You can do it!


Helen x


Hi Haylee.I had exactly the same on my day 9 (Im now on day 61) I had bad family issues and ended up in tears tearing my hair out.I posted on this forum and got 2 replies that really helped.One was that a cigarette wouldnt change or help anything-and you know that is true.The other was asking if I had stopped the NRT too soon(I had taken low strength lozenges for the first 3 days)Now I ask you the same.I advise you to chew gum,lozenge or whatever.Haylee you have come so far please dont throw all your hard work away.You CAN get through this you can do it.Grit your teeth and stick with it it gets easier as time goes by.Virtual hug.Sue x


Sorry to hear your having such a tough time. Keep posting! The support is here for you.


I struggled like mad between days 9 & 10 Hun it was horrible but like sue says try lozenger gum anything to keep off the fags, it's your inner nic monster tricking you in to believing you really want a fag and as your staying strong it's throwing a tantrum like a two yr old,

Keep going Hayley you can do this, I'm 25 days in now and have screamed cried and come so close to giving in, but so glad I didn't,

I think a saying on Sue's post today struck me it said

" I can smoke anytime I want I just choose not to" or summit like that :D

Just take every hour min, hour and day as it comes and believe me it does get easier :D

Good luck Sian xx


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