No Smoking Day
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Day 3

and it's gone suprisingly well :eek:

The cravings haven't bothered me as much today. I was waiting for my teatime freak out, that's the time where I really feel like caving in and it never came today.

I'm going to see my stop smoking advisor tomorrow, and I'll be having another carbon manoxide reading done, it was 21 a week ago (anything over 20 is classed as heavy smoker) I'm wondering what it'll be tomorrow :)

Del, i hope todays gone well for you x

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Well done Karen!!

Keep up the good work hunni!!!

I'm sure your Carbon Monoxide reading will be down to less than 10.

Day 3 it is KAREN, on wards and upwards! Or as my nephew would say......

"to infinity and beyond!!!!"


haha thanks Del :D My little one loves toy story too!

Almost start of day 4 for me, feeling ok so far, day 2 was my hardest day. I'm feeling okay so far today, i'm going out for lunch with some girlfriends today, so that'll be tough as we usually have a ciggie afterwards, but i'll take my lozenges with me.

Have a good day Del :)


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