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No Smoking Day
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2 days in!

OK guys day 2 and I'm starting the morning with my usual cuppa but no ciggy! YAY!!

Last night was good , I find it extremely easy not to smoke around my family so went to mums for tea. My sleep was very disturbed though!

I can recall waking up at 3 am , 4 am , 4.30 am and 5 am!! Weird! I don't know for certain if it was to do with the nicotine craving or just one of them nights but seems a bit of a coincedence hmmm.

Anyway this morning has been tougher than yesterday so far as I find myself with the old 'i'll have 1 and then I'll stop' going around in my mind!

But it's not happening I'M A NON SMOKER!!

My checklist is at 18 ciggys now and coming ever nearer to the big 30 mark which I was aiming for yesterday. I feel today will be the worst day of cravings as I have given up for a day on many occasions mainly due a hangover!!

If I can get through today I will be fine for the rest of my non smoking life!!

Note: I may say that 2moro too!

KAREN : Hope your hanging on in there !

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Hi Del, well done to you!

Good luck today, in a few hours I'll be on day 3 (not that i'm looking at the clock and counting down the hours or anything :p ) and so will you be.

I've had a few wobbles, and now and again I forget that i've stopped and then feel so dissapointed that I can't have one, but it passes.

Hope today is ok for you :)


Hi to both Karen and Del :)

And welcome to the forum...hope you get a lot out of it. Day 3 is, as you probably know, the last of 72 hours of a difficult time. I'm not sure if you are doing this cold turkey, patches, champix, or whatever. If it's CT then 72 hours is when they say that the nicotine is out of your system.

Whether you are doing CT or any of the other methods 72 hours is generally quite difficult because you're refusing a habit that dictated for gawd knows how long that you'd have a smoke quite often throughout the day. But it doesn't stop there....and no, Del, it's not about getting past 30 craves - sorry.

What you will be doing thereafter is to get used to ignoring the craves and reverse the brainwashing that states that a smoke will help in all given situations. A smoke doesn't....how could it possible help with relaxing if it also helps with getting you motivated. That's just part of the huge hoax that smoking and tobacco advertisers have been confusing us all with for decades....a huge smoke screen if you will.

A lot of us oldies...and newer oldies too....say to read, read, read and educate yourselves. Never a truer piece of advice. If you understand what you are going through, what your body is going through....Del, the sleep issue you are having just now is well documented....then there is a very good likelihood that you too will become an ex-smoker.

You can gather this information from this forum but I would also recommend having a look at the links in my signature and other members too. For instance, Del, there's a link to sleeping issues in my sig.

Read up, post a lot, help others behind you and in front too....we all struggle at times.



Cavalier , thanks alot for your help and advice.

I am trying to go cold turkey , seems to be going ok and have managed to get through 2 days without killing anyone!

I will be approching day 3 with the same attitude that has got me through the first 2 days. I have noticed a increase in the cravings today especially around lunch time. I had a very strong craving around 2pm and the cigeratte gantry behind me was calling my name!!! But I stuck to my guns and did'nt have a ciggy. I found a new trick that seems to work quite well for me at the moment -basically when I feel like a ciggy I say to myself if I still want a ciggy in 3 minutes I will have one. Then I replay in my head all the reasons for quitting and how I felt the last time I finished a ciggy which was terrible! It's worked so far!

I read somewhere that after 30 craves the craving gets more 'manageable' but if that is wrong at least it has given me a target of sorts to concentrate on. Being quite a competitive person I will hit this target and then maybe set a new target to aim for.

I will also read up on the links you have provided and will catch you 2moro on day 3!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! I feel good!! :):):):)


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