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Newbie help guys


Hi my name's Del and I have been smoking for 11 yrs, recently hit the prime age of 30 and have a beautiful 7 month old daughter.

I'm gonna give up smoking tonight and was hoping to get some tips and tricks off this forum as I have tried 'alone' previously and failed miserably :(

My smoking pattern is in work smoke 10 - 14 fags a day at home between 0 - 2.

Info: I work in a spar store which is owned by the family so I get 'free' cigerettes , so basically the 'save your money and don't smoke' does'nt work.

I get really bored in work as I work 10 hour days alone and this is where I find myself lighting up ALOT!

I want to quit desperatly for the sake of my baby girl and my health but every time i try to quit boredom/addiction takes over and I end up smoking. I'm disgusted with myself every time after smoking yet I still light up in a hour or so.

Anyway i'll be having my last ciggy at 6 pm tonight!

Can someone let me know of the tips they used when the craving starts?

Many thanks


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Hiya Del - great to see you here :) and fantastic that you have decided to quit.

Del - my tips and tricks as to all newbies would be to read as much as you can. Read the posts on here, share your experiences ask for support from forum members when you need it and give suport when you can. Read the links in signatures about addiction to nicotine.

Del - TBH the money side of things well I don't really see a huge amount of difference as I'm spending my money on other things mainly food to satisfy my ever increasing appetite :D

Maybe you should list your reasons, why do you want to quit. You say you have a little girl and you want to be around to see her grow up and your grandchildren, right? I know that might be a bit of a dramatic way of looking at it but the short of it is that smoking kills.

Tips for when the cravings start - come and read and post on this forum, lollies, chewing gum, mints, boiled sweets...oh and also try to drink plenty of water.

Are you going cold turkey or going to use NRT?

Good luck Del and keep posting, I'm sure it may not seem like it now but it is do-able and your choice not to smoke will be one of the best choices you have made :)

Oh and one more thing - with this forum you'll never alone xx

Hi there, i'm new here too. Just posted my intro post - see above.

Think of the reasons you want to quit, your new baby, you want to live to see her live a long and happy life.

Try using the patches. I could never ever quit cold turkey, the cravings would drive me to the nearest shop. patches really help curb the cravings, also the lozenges, i used these last time i quit and they do help too.

best of luck to you :)

tinkerbell, Karen thanks very much for your replies and your tips .

I'm really detrmined to quit now as I find myself angry after each cig I have! I'm like WHY WHY WHY did I have that cig. I will be lighting my last cig at 5.50pm and then throwing everything related to cigs i.e Lighters, ashtrays etc.

I find myself getting a bit anxious thinking about my life as a non smoker (as of 6pm) and the main thing concerning me is the boredum of work! (plus having 6 shelves full of cigs behind me don't help matters!!!!) But I read somewhere that cravings only last 2 minutes so I will be trying to keep myself busy once I get a craving.

I am also going cold turkey without patches, gum, inhaler etc. As I gave up 3 years ago (which lasted a full year).

Karen I see you are giving up today too, best of luck , Maybe we can be on-line quitting buddys!

Having a quit-buddy really helps, and follow Tinks' advice. Read as much as you can and use this forum. Also get in a group, or form a group, as the advert says "every little helps".

The craves do only last a couple of minutes (but can feel like a lifetime), so get busy, drink water (it helps) and remember, a crave won't kill you (hey, you know this already, you stopped before so you can do it again).

And don't worry about life as a non-smoker, concentrate on not smoking just now....

I'll be thinking of you at 6pm Del. We CAN do this hun :)

Good Luck

Wotcha Del!

The best tip is not to smoke :P

I find most things keep me busy and therefore keep my mind off the fags. Music, I love to read anything really. Saying that it has to be difficult when you have an endless supply at work!

Saying that your daughter should be able to assist you a long way in your quit!

Good luck...

good evening

have you tried Joels library why it might help you keep up the good work Jimbo

ok guys thanks ever so much for your support and tips , it's really appreciated.

Day 1 (ish) been 14 hours since my last ciggy (yeah i know 7 of them were sleeping!!!) but not feeling too bad at the moment. Drove to work without my usual 1st cig of the day and guess what? I got pulled by the police for wearing no seat belt!!! Guess I was concentrating on not smoking and forgot to put my belt on! oops! But i'm still going strong although the real test is to come through this morning . I think if I can hold off till 1pm I will be fine for the rest of the day.

Karen if your around hope your doing well and together we are kicking the habit!

Well done Del!

I was absent minded last night too. I went in the fridge and spent 5 minutes trying to remember what I'd gone in the fridge for :confused:

Maybe you could try some patches Del? they seem to help me, it's the habits i'm struggling with.

Ok guys 10 am and still no ciggy , but temptation is absolutely everywhere! Had a guy come into the shop this morning actually smoking a ciggy , I was like no smoking in here mate , and it's a disgusting habit too! Wow that felt good!!! But I don't want to start jinxing myself to soon and turn into one of the Ban smoking brigade !

Got a new technique to use to everytime I get a craving I pick my phone up and see my gorgeous daughter Laila staring back at me ( I have a picture of her saved on my phone background) .

I have also ticked off my timesheet which I mentioned in a previous post and i'm on 7 cravings so far, another 23 vto go and I feel the worst of it will be over!

Come on nicotine do your worst you never geting back into my or my daughters life!!! (unless she starts smoking! Which would be very unfortunate! lol)

KAREN how you bearing up ???

I smelt smoke from a car window at the school this morning and it smelt like the nicest smell ever. I wanted that fag that that person was smoking! I'm ok now i'm home. I'm gonna bleach my kitchen and try to keep busy.

Well done for staying strong Del :D

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