No Smoking Day

Hi another newbie needing help

Unfortunately not new at giving up (serial quitter me) but thought this time maybe having a forum to post on might be the extra spur I need.

Ok story, I'm 39 and have smoked for nearly 20 years. Been trying to quit for the past 10 years; once even managed 6 months!

I've got 2 kids, 1 full time job, 1 part time business, 1 dog & 1 cat.

Last attempt failed at 1pm today, 4 hours short of 24 hours.

I'm going 'cold turkey' having tried many and various nicotine replacement therapies before decided that suffering for the first few days is my best chance (personal decision based on my experience/life/stresses).

My big however though is STRESS and my lack of ability to dissociate (sp?) dealing with stress and smoking.

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Helo and welcome. You have come to the right place. You can chat away as much as you like here.

I am sending you lots of good luck quitting vibes. xxx


Welcome on board oldyin x x x x

It isn't easy but with all this support you can do this!!

Think about that stress, what causes it? kids playing up say, you have a smoke and are the kids still playing you up? are you still stressed?

I would imagine that you are, smoking doesn't remove stress it's just a habit that we have when we are stressed!

I hope I make sense! you will still get stressed but believe it or not after a while that lessens, as a non smoker you actualy keep a cooler head!

For now, try and replace these times with something else, maybe sit on your bed and write/draw something down or chew gum but do go to a different room to do this new thing as part of smoking is that going outside or in the kitchen etc.

Hang on in there and keep posting x x

~Buffy x x


Thanks for the welcome Flippy & Buffy!!

I know you are right, my smoking stresses me out just about all the time.

The trouble I have is dealing with the not smoking stress + the normal day to day stress....I really think if I could focus on the not smoking just for 2-3 days I would kick this habit with ease.

Unfortunately as a single working Mum with a stroppy 16 year old and a 11 year old + work etc I just don't have that luxury BUT maybe that's just another excuse.

Today I was doing OK. I work from home which is great in some ways but a nightmare in others. I got a call from a guy I thought I was doing a telephone interview for who announced he was coming to the house (part of the business I run) at the same time my 11 yr old came in crying as once again the kids in the street were thumping him. Went out to deal with the parents but, as usual, kids left unsupervised so can't do anything until tonight. Came back and he's still screaming (he's a prima donna), the house is an absolute tip, works making demands I gave in - doing the quit alongside this just seems impossible.

However nothing changes and I still need to quit so starting again, just need to make it to day2!


Hi Oldyin, reading your story left me struggling for words.. I have every respect for what you're doing and if I can help by offering support or even just sending the right 'vibes' then you can count on me.

Smoking doesn't help stress, it's an illusion, can you find a substitute? :(

Best of luck and keep strong, it's really worth it:D


Good for you x x x x

I phoned nicorette for a starter pack, they said they don't do it anymore i was upset cos i wanted the 'dr steele relaxation' cd, she said no problem they still have some and sent me one.

It is very good and i advise you try it too, just going into another room for 5~10 minutes and relaxing is a great help.

My eldest 2 are 15 and 10 so right behind you there! lol

Really think about a stress relieving alternative x x Kalms, herbal tea quizes etc?

You can do this x x x albeit a struggle, as a single mum of 2 running a business from home I am sure you can cope with a bit of a struggle ;)

Onwards and upwards


~Buffy x x


Hi Oldyin welcome, hats off to you! it must be hard from time to time to have to manage so many things at once, I wish you all the best from this quit :)


Hi Oldyin keep up the good work, it DOES get easier.

Pop in here all the time as these peeps could support the sky if it started falling.

Think positive.


Thanks everyone!

Right brand new day so I'm starting again!

Is there a wooden spoon for the longest anyone has spent in the Day1 room?? I've a feeling a might be a contender!

I'm in a positive frame of mind, let's see what the day never know I might surprise myself and be in day2 tomorrow!!



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