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10 month quit and first cold of the year

Hi everyone, Just posting to say that I have reached double figure with 10month quit, and to celebrate? I am off work with a heavy cold, and this is a shock to me as I never suffered from colds in all the years that I smoked? still I would rather put up with the cold/flu symptoms than smoke cigarettes.

I have not posted very much recently and I think is is due to the fact that as you progress through your quit you forget about smoking and don't need so much support, and selflishly you forget about supporting the newbies (sorry).

On the whole I feel good, and as I have said I don't even think about cigarettes now, however you still think about smoking without any urge to actually smoke, like looking at people outside a pub or shops who are smoking and you remember the enjoyment when you smoked, but as stated you don't want to smoke.:)

As I look at the many posts I have became concoius of the many people who have dropped out of the site (don't post) over the year, I wonder why?does it mean that they have started to smoke again or do they get fed up posting?

However I still thank everyone on this site for the help that you have given me.


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Hi Dannyboy,

This is a great post for people in their first week wondering whether they'll ever feel like not having a cigarette when they watch other people smoke.

Congrats on your 10 months, thats such an amazing achievement!

I think being ill is a great reminder of why you've stopped smoking, mainly because (I don't know about you) but I used to smoke through being ill, be it a cough, flu or even tonsilitis... And if there's anything to show how ridiculousy addictive nicotene is its how people who fall ill STILL smoke.

Aren't you glad you're not smoking through your first cold? :)

Enjoy your time away from work (even if you do have a cold) and have some sort of treat to celebrate your massive 10 months smoke-free!


Hi Danny and congratulations on reaching double figures. As for the cold, snap, first one for as long as I can remember, but the whole family has had one so I guess it's just my turn.

It's great isn't it to see people smoke now without wishing you could be them. I am often suprised by my reactions to different situations when I realise that normally I would have been reaching out to smoke, but now it makes me smile and feel quite proud.

Have a good rest, chicken soup apparently is of benefit (it's not just a myth), keep warm and drink plenty of fluids.

Hope you feel well soon and congratulations again on 10 months quit.

Lorraine :)


Hi Danny, sorry you have come down with Man Flu LOL.

10 Months that’s great CONGRATULATIONS sorry I should like you say post more support to the Newbies and anyone else who needs it!!!! we never know when we may have a bad time and require some support ourselves.

It’s a fact though that the further into the quit you get the less you think about smoking and therefore the less you think about the site which is a bit bad of us but that’s what the site is about isn’t it, it is there to turn us into non smokers and that means we find it hard to make time for others who are going through the same as we went through, maybe we are worried it will remind us too much of smoking?????

You have done so well and I imagine you are feeling proud to have achieved 10 months, my 10 months is next week, do you ever think when you are approaching a mile stone that you will cave before you reach it, I do sometimes and find the thought really scary :eek:.

Have a good Day and hope you feel better soon x


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