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Near the end of First Month, Quit 24/10~OMG

Good morning All

I was going to join this section next week but i think i sort of understand how the days, weeks and months work in conjunction on here so now im coming to the end of my 1st Month as a Non~smoker.

I have completed 3 weeks and 1 day as a Non~smoker and i cant believe that in a week i will be a month down. It has gone quite quickly i must admit.

If i did not have you guys and gals there to support me i dont know how i would have coped and so for that i want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU.

Anyhow, good luck everyone, it is getting easier by the day. I dont think about the old ways much at all now and i am glad that i am no longer a SLAVE to the NICOMONSTER anymore.

TODAYS STATS ARE.....................

I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 5 hours, 2 minutes and 55 seconds (22 days).

By not smoking 377 cigarettes I have saved £95.32.

I have given myself 1 Day, 7 hours and 25 minutes back to my life.

Good luck everyone. :)

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This First Month

Good morning all my Smokeless Buddies

I cant get my head round the fact that im now coming to the end of the First Month, it seems a little strange if im honest, yet gone quite quickly too.

I honestly did not think i would get this far all those weeks ago when i knew i had to stop but somehow it scared the living daylights out of me because i did not know how i was going to live without my old friends.

My biggest fear was boredom and breaking the actual habit. I needed to do the knitting so that my hands were constantly busy for the first week to 10 days and now things have calmed a bit im not knitting quite so much but i do still sit and knit during the day and also in the evenings too.

I have found it easier this time because i never smoked in doors so there is no smell here or any other association thtat reminds me of my old habit because i never smoked and had a coffee/tea, i never went straight out after a meal, i never went out much at the weekends so drinking and smoking never springs to mind either. I suppose in one sense i have been lucky this time because the triggers i would have had to deal with i changed that pattern well before my stopping and thus got myself in a better frame of mind from the start.

As many will know i started the Champix and yup they worked for a week just over but after that they started to affect my brain cell and so i decided to stop taking them and since 31st Oct i have been CT which again i did not think i could do.

For those just starting out make sure you "STOP" for the right reasons, get yourself prepared and if you need extra help and support ask and get it. Dont try and do it all on your own and also dont punish yourself. Your not giving up anything your stopping so you have not taken anything away from yourself, your not depriving yourself and YUP it can get a little boring at times and YUP you will think about it, we all do but those are moments compared to a life time of those nasty little blighters.

Anyhow, Good luck everyone

Catch ya all l8r


Oh & Guys Look at this poor kid. Does that not make ya skin crawl. More about this horrendous story at....


24 Days Now-Reward Chart

Today is my 24th Day without the smokes and it still feels kind of strange because obviously we have done that for a long time and so it became a VERY big part of our everyday exsistence.

The weather for us down here in Somerset is really awful, what with wind and lots of rain again it feels more like April than November.

Anyhow, i have made like a Reward Chart with Sticker stars to go on it each day of my quit. I have started the chart in calender format and for the first month it says the days too ie: 31, then it shows the weeks and also the months too which is my reminder for being so good and the stars just add a nice touch. Its on display in the kitchen and for all to see. This is my reward chart for being a Non-smoker now.

TTFN all, lol


Well done on getting to day 24 Jo. You're doing so well and have a great attitude!!

May your kitchen chart soon be covered in stars :).

Ed xx


Thanks ED,

I dont know about you but i do wish the Media would stop going on about the "Royal Wedding", cos its doing my head in now. I for one dont really care about the engagement etc etc. Thats my moan not aimed at anyone else mind you as we are each entitled to our own opinions. Just thats all we are going to hear now:( Arghhhhhhhh

Anyhow, Ed, Make a chart or similar its a great way to see how your doing each day.



You are doing so well Jo! you should be proud of yourself hun. How's the knitting coming along? how many scarfs have you made up to now?


Hi Hun

I have made about 15 scarves up to now and it seems to be calming down a bit. I can actually get through the day without needing the knitting needles constantly in my hands or having to suck on sweets.

My friend came round yesterday with her 4 week old baby and i told her thats all i have been knitting and she suggested making her little one a blanket so i might have a go at that for him.

Anyhow, almost start of month 2 for u, well done hun :)


Morning Jo, you are now into the Month Milestones, well nearly and then you notice how fast the time goes, it also gets easier as well.

Why not go for the world record for the longest scarf which is 33 miles long, ermmm maybe not then.

Stay strong and enjoy your quit as Im sure you are doing.


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