No Smoking Day
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yay day 2

Hi all,

well ive made it to day 2 of not smoking on champix, and my god do i feel like poo lol.

I feel like ive been swimming under water all day, and cant seem to get off the settee to do anything, although i did go for a little wander around asda and nearly screamed at my 9 year old coz she wouldnt tell me if the shoes she tried on were to big or small for her lol. ( i had to count to 10 lol)

I dont know what id be like if i was doing CT at least ive got champix taking the cravings away for me.

oh well, going to raid the cupboards again. more food lol

good luck everyone whos quitting. hopefully ill be in a better mood later :rolleyes:

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Get used to feeling crap :P !

Only jokin'! Tomorrow is the second of the terrible 3's, get through that and you can do anything...other than beat up Batman .... everybody knows only Spiderman could do that.


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