No Smoking Day
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Why? More like why not!!

Hi Ladies and gents!

i am on day 6 today!!

My reasons for quitting:

My beautiful kids, i dont want them to smoke

My health- i am not getting any younger, and i am now realising that i am at the age that i can get all the horrible diseases caused from smoking

I HATE the fact that a drug can have a hold over me! I have an addictive personality (if they exist), alcoholic and smoker dad (cheers dad), and dont want to live the rest of my life a slave to nicotine.

I dont want to smell and have bad breath (i have only noticed this improvement since i quit!).

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Thanks Chrissie,

i have written a list of my reasons in colourful pens and glitter (lol, i am such a girl!!) and stuck them all over the house!

I was having a really hard morning this morning, craving quite a bit, so took the kids out to the park to play footie...i managed to play with themm for an hour!!!!!!! AN HOUR!!!!!! Normally i cant even manage 10 mins before my chest feel like its going to burst open!

So proud and so happy!!


Thanks Chrissie,

I am feeling so much better now. Really glad that i took the kids to the park when i started to crave.

Someone mentioned to me last night about the fact that i am living the life of a smoker, but without the ciggies, and that i had to change if i wanted to quit for good.

My initial reaction was "but why?"..but i have been thinking about it while playing footie at the park...its true, i have to change and i also think that just by quitting, i am changing naturally!

Oops, sorry to ramble!


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