Day 29 not posted for a bit, been keeping busy. Lots of walking and training generally keeping busy. Well feeling quite good now, had some really hard days last week. most difficult time now is when i have a drink. Kept away from the booze for a couple of weeks when i first stopped it helped a lot. Anyway teeth are pure white; fingers not yellow any more,and i don't stink!:) hands are always warm now, not like they used to be cold. Anyway guys keep strong and good luck with your quits.:D

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  • Hi Deano

    Well done you - almost 1 month done and dusted :) I thought I'd struggle with alcohol but to be honest it doesn't make me suddenly start craving - I get the feeling like something is missing but that's it. Stay strong you're doing great.

    I've always got warm feet now instead of the ice blocks I used to have :D

  • Cheers Pookie for your support. When out drinking i know there is something missing,but something i don't want it's getting easier all the time. Yes my hands where cold for years i just thought thats how they were,but no; lovely and warm now.;)

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