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Hi There

I am on Day 4 of quitting having put my last cigarette out at 9pm on Sunday 18th Jan.

I have been a smoker since I was 15 years old and I am now 34 who up until Sunday night smoked 20 a day. I tried quitting in April, my first and only other attempt at quitting when my son was born and managed 4 days.

However I have been to see the nurse at my surgery and have been prescribed Champix. Apart from some initial unpleasant side effects, these have now passed and I quit on my 13th day of taking them. I have to say during the second week of taking Champix, I had cut down considerably to 5-6 ciggies a day. They just were not enjoyable anymore.

Besides my son and for the sake of my own health I also want to give up, as my mum died from smoking related cancer at the age of 64 last June. Also one of my dear friend's died in 2007 from lung cancer as a direct result of smoking.

I have actually found today quite hard, but I am pleased to say my resolve to kick this habit once and for all, is so far stronger than my urge to smoke. Champix I am finding to be a great help, but will power is still needed and champix does not take away the habit of smoking which I have had for 20 years or so.

This forum is a great resource and it is good to know I am in the same boat with many others who wish to kick this filthy habit.

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Yes, it is all about habit and once you've broken the habit you will be OK. Good luck - you are so doing the right thing in quitting. Those horrible white sticks have controlled our lives for so long - take your life back. Believe me it gets easier as the days go by. I'm on day 12 now and the craves and pangs have gone and they will do for you too.


Welcome Web

Congrats on your quit. Never used champix myself but a lot of members here have and have all said how great they are so good luck with them. You will have fab support here and that helps also. so keep posting.xxxxxxxxxx


Hi there

Well done on your quite I also use champix am on week 9 now and cut down to 1champix on alternate days will find all the support you need here as you say champix can't take away the habit but can and doe's take away the need

good luck


Hi there, and welcome to the forum. You clearly have some very important reasons there for quitting, and you've made the best decision. Hope things run smoothly during your course of Champix, I'm going CT myself but there are plenty of others beside Margaret who have used/are using Champix so you're not alone! Make sure you stick around for that all important 'group therapy' and let us know how you get on. All the best!


Thanks for the welcome. I am finding this afternoon particulary hard but have just had my second champix of the day so that hopefully should start working shortly. Smoking is/was so ingrained into my way of life I am finding it hard at the moment. But hopefully what I am feeling will soon pass.


Hi there and welcome,

Smoking is/was so ingrained into my way of life I am finding it hard at the moment.

It can totally identify with that, it takes some getting used to being a non smoker, and at times it can feel like bereavement. But the longer you don't smoke the easier it becomes.




Hi Webzcas,

Huge welcome to yu and a warm welcome to these forums. You have some very good reasons to kick the nicotine habit.

Most find that re educating themselves on smoking and the reasons we do it has helped, i would sugest reading all you can really helped change my views on smoking.

Post often as that will help keep you distracted from the craves.

Well done again and keep going hun, you can and will do it :)




Well day 5 is here and I woke up this morning feeling very positive. This is the longest Ihave gone without a cigarette since I was 15 nearly twenty years ago. Just that fact alone is enough for me to ensure my resolve keeps strong over the coming days.

I have to say that Champix is amazng. The only issue I have is breaking old habits as a result of taking it. Can't wait to get to one week without a smoke now!


Hi there webzcas

You are doing great,

It will be a week before you know it, then a month and so on.

Best wishes



Aye, keep it up! Just take each day as it comes and those landmark days will come around without you even realising!


Beat another demon this morning. Walking in to work for the first time since I quit. I didn't find it that hard.

However having a bit of a wobble at the moment. Just going to ensure I don't buy any ciggies. I am so glad I gave up without any cigarettes left. Avoiding a shop is a lot easier than, avoiding lighting up a ciggie which is in a packet next to you.

Even though I am on Champix I seem to be experiencing more wobbles than what I thought I would. Maybe I am due my second tablet of the day.


Feeel good this evening and looking forward to day 6. One thing that has happened is that I am starting to get a cough and bringing up dark brown phlegm. Whilst I know that many do cough and it can go on for weeks. Do I need to be concerned about the colour? If so should I query it with my doctors?


Hi there Web - well done on getting this far.

I have also smoked for over 20 years so I understand how tough it can be to actually break the habit. It isn't so much the craving for nicotine after the first few days, it is getting used to a daily routine without them.

I know that habit can be broken - I have quit before - it just takes a bit of time!


Made it to Day 6 without a smoke :)

I'm going to buy myself something with the money I have saved as a treat.


Hi Web, the brown you're coughing up is crap stuck in your lungs from the smokes, I rather enjoy when I cough it up, you realise it's part of the cleansing process your body is undertaking. I'm still coughing up brown gunge after 23 days and still get some sort of wierd pleasure from it :D


Day 7 and still no cigarette! Really pleased to get this far. Dreamt I smoked last night though :-(


Does it get any easier? I am on my 7th day without a cigarette, the longest I have gone without a fag for nearly 20 years. I am also taking champix, yet I am finding dropping the habit of smoking extremely hard at the moment.

I would have thought it would get easier once I hit the week milestone. But yet I am now finding myself dreaming of smoking. Indeed everything I do, I associate with smoking as I have smoked for over half my life.

I really want to quit this habit for good, but fear if I succumb and give in to ' just one smoke ' I will never have a better chance. Especially as I am on Champix, I feel like I am in last chance salon.

Sorry for this post. It just helps getting out how I am feeling when I have a major pang for a smoke. Hopefully this will pass shortly.


Everyone will have a bad day once in a while. Doesn't matter what you are taking. I smoked for 22 out of my 34 years on this earth and it took ages for the majority of my life to pass without thinking of smoking. It was simply associated with everything!

It is a learning process - you need to learn how to do things without smoking and it takes practice!

It will help you to read - seriously. Learn all you can about the addiction and the recovery. Doing this helps to take away the surprises and the worry and lets you just get on with it!

Try - - - - and this forum for a ton of great stuff!

And yes it does get easier - much, much easier. I still get thoughts of smoking, an unexpected trigger moment... but they are quite easy to overcome. Weeks can pass without one though :D

All the best!


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