No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Going well - a craving appears every now and then, but was easily handled. Had a great dinner with the family in a good restaurant - polished off two bottles of wine, which did set the craving off, but was very vocal about it and got a lot of support. I figured the barrier between me and smoking a cigarette was buying a pack, so as ling as I didn'y I'ld be alright. and I didn't.

TBH as soon as I told myself I was definitely not smoking, then it didn't trouble me. The cravings are cravings, it's the attitude towards them that's key. Must remain ever vigilant.

Have a really tight chest at the moment, and a sore throat. Look forward to having neither of these.

All the best everyone.


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Well done

Day 4 and having a night out and wine very good:D:D Just take one day at a time you may have a hard day now and then. But more good days than bad and it do get easyer as time gose on Honest. Just think you have done more than half the first week all ready.xx


Hi Linda

Thanks Linda - was a calculated risk as I've said elsewhere that I'ld be quitting drinking - was out the night before and stuck to it. But I figured I needed some sort of release as this no smoking business does take it out of you, but so far so good:)


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