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No Smoking Day
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6 Months For KitKat72

Well well

Six months already done and dusted ...huge huge congratulations ... knew you would get here just knew it ... all the great support you have shown to everyone to the senior members to the people on their first day ...posted some great fun threads for everyone to join in with ...dodgy songs :rolleyes: .......so well done hun ...glad you made it this time nothing will stop you now . x

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No turning back this time Kat......this time for keeps.

Thanks for the laughs and the shoulder.....appreciated.

Promise you the next six is easier....ask Bradders



Crikey doesn't time fly! well done KK, you must be over the moon, 6 months is amazing, keep it up the inspiration! :cool:


Awh thanks bradders mate...made me feel all emotional now..dead nice that. Youve helped me more then you realise and i thank you for telling me dont do it when I wanted too... a few hundred times was that ;) .... Urm but whats wrong with my songs :D

Lorna for keeps i do hope so ...looking forward to the next 6 months then if its easier....Thanks for being there :)

Angel I know i am quite chuffed tbh...feel all warm inside..cant believe it :)

I will do my nice cheesy speech tomorrow........Feel like the queen Lol x x x


Hey KK:D....a very big WELL DONE to you......hope to see ya in the Penthouse in 6 months time;):)


Hey KK,

Six months hey? Way to go girl. You have been so strong through this quit & I hope the next six months are much easier for you. I keep reading that people say it gets even better from here on in :D

Hope you are going to treat yourself to something wonderfull ;)

Hugz, G xxxx


Well my little matey has got to six months :D so pleased for you and so proud too - thanks for making me laugh daily and keeping me going when it was all looking bleak - you've kept me strong and helped me more than you'll ever know :) Not going to say any more cos your head will get huge!!

Axl is waiting out back - he's gonna give you something :eek:



Well done on 6 months I am sure you feel rightly very proud. I trust and hope that the next 6 months will be easier and you will be sitting in the Penthouse hotub before you know it. Fantastic.


Wow you fabulous little quitter you and you are looking GORGEOUS ready for your hot date with Axl................


You've been a great help to me so hope you enjoy your lovely day Queen Kat.................:D

Shelly XXX


Hey KK a whole six months smokefree thats brilliant so pleased for you...:)

hope you treat yourself to something nice you deserve to.. well done.xx



Kat :D

6 months is just fabulous . the summit penthouse is in view now -and what an achievement.

you wont go back now :)

you support others so well too-and add the bit fun that is needed when we are sitting with a face that could curdle milk -hunched over our pcs craving:eek:

a bit distraction !!

so well done you my lass -and make sure you treat yourself to something awesome . [think that is the word you use these days ] :p



Well done KK, 6 months is a respectable quit, keep it going.

Treat your quit well, watch out for the nicodemon but pat yourself on the back, the little pest hasn't got you this time.



Thank you ellie..the penthouse seems so far away ..i would love to get to it you must feel ace:)

gaynor, thank you matey ..the most wonderful thing i cud be treated with is to know you will be right behind me in this quit thing (Im a proper soppy get sumtimes) LOL but i mean it.

Hey pookies loving the compliments..keep going :D ..you have also helped me too...never thought i would laugh so much ..especially when trying to keep off a terrible addiction..we done good, we have :) looks like axls waiting for me in that pic.. he looks so hot, thank you

Hey shelly thank you glad i cud be of help. you too have helped me.....its good to laugh & some nights on here ive laughed so much id forgot what it was like too. Dont i look de gorgeous.hey eat ur heart out lol

Hi june...been a missing yer, good to see you. Thanks for thinking of me. take care you too, hope your doing ok

Sky Thank you so much for everything...You are such a wonderful person, dont think i cud meet anyone nicer.....Your post made me laugh so much with the party about faces like curdles milk, hunched over our pcs ...lololol ...still laughing now.

Thank you MAH ..always got my guard up..at least I still want at quite a regularly basis...it keeps me fighting

So I got to 6 months...would never have believed that of myself..had some sound quit buddies along the way who came & went...For the mates who have stood by me through all of it ..good & bad. moans & laughs and are still by my side this day no matter what...I wouldnt have made my 6 months without you... for that i bloody well thank you x x x

queens speech over ...quick get the beer in :D


Very well done, you have done the hardest part, the next six will be much easier.



Thank you jackie, i do hope so :) x


Hey Kitkat..well done on your 6 months!! You must be feeling really proud of yourself...and I am so proud of you too xx

Keep up the good work and get to that Penthouse...cos there is a few of us waiting to following you into it too!!! There's gonna be a lot of love in that Penthouse eh?? xxx


Hey nicki, thank you.....yes a lot of love to spread in that cold winter time .:D:D LOl....looking good yourself there too....not doing bad are we mate:)


just saying goodbye to my 6 months...in wonder what 7 months will be like:D ....Thanks everyone :)


Huge belated congrats

Hi Kit Kat,

Sorry I'm late but i was sunning myself in gran canaria!!! woo hoo to you on your six months!!!! Missed me own pat on the back too, but this one's all yours mate. You've been a right help on here, mad as a box of frogs, but thats what makes you so loveable!!

Bring on the penthouse, I'll be right behind ya!!




Well done gal- we done good huh! Feels like longer ago we were comparing notes 1 day at a time- big congrats to you

Pols xxx


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