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No Smoking Day
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6 months for me!

It was my 6 month anniversary yesterday - so please allow me to take this opportunity to get the crazy kittens out!


MadCatMan said he had a dream that he baked me a cake in the shape of a fag to celebrate - and I refused to eat it in case I got fat! (Well done that man for saying "fat" and not "fatTER" !!!!) :D

I have to say a HUGE thanks to everybody on this forum, cos without all you lovely people I'd be having a fag right this minute now!

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Welcome to the 6 months party MCW...



Well done MCW :D

Loving the kittens LOL.

Gaynor x


CONGRATULATIONS six months a giant step for a little pussy cat, enjoy your next six months too the penthouse, do they allow cats in there???


Oh lovely!!! well done!!!!!! half way there now, keep going, its going well for you this quit is!



Huge well done MCW - Half A Year :cool:

Found these two cats for you (one of many translations from the original vid)

Hope the next six months, quit wise, flies by for you.

Oh my! You even turned down a 'virtual'cake that was made for you? Poor MCM..... all that effort ;)

Pol x


Congratulations! A very well done to you :d:d:d


Hurrah! Well done you!!


..wtg mcw.....here's to many more years


Congratulations MadCatWoman .....6 months is a great achievement , :)halfway to the penthouse :D

Best Wishes


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

8 months C.T


Thanks everyone! Pol, I love that video ("Act like a cat!" lol) :D

MadCatMan actually cooked me an amazing curry to celebrate (it didn't look anything like a fag either hehe).

We had the first fire drill at work since I quit yesterday - they used to be great when I smoked as it was an extra fag break - it's a bit boring now but I smiled at all the smokers quickly lighting up before they told us we could go back in! :p



Huge Well Dones on your 6 Month Milestone!!!

I bet its getting much easier now?

Keep going your a superstar! xxx


Well done Mad catwoman. Come to the wit thread more often, lots of pics of cats on there....:)

You can move folders. I thought i could but realise i have to stay in 4/5 for another month.


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