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6 Months Today!!!


Today marks 6 months that I quit smoking. It feels like yesterday. I have been so stressed out lately. This week has been a total mess with me. My bank account was hacked and all my money was stolen out of my account. I begged the bank to give me $50.00 as I needed money to live on. They agreed to give me the $50.00 since they knew what was going on. I was a little relieved because I would at least have a little bit of cash on me.

Well, that did not last long as I lost the $50.00 dollars they gave me tonight. I think it fell out of my pocket. :mad: I am so stressed out that I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but I didn't. It has been a week from hell.

Other than the messed up week I have had, I made it to 6 months and I could not be anymore happier with myself.

I hope everyone is having a great day so far...... :):):):):):):):):)

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i see you moved your post onto its on thread so again

well done Kyle :) and really hope the bank can soon sort out your money probs :( makes you wonder if its best to start keeping it under the mattress like in the old days :rolleyes: may well be safer but must be very upsetting and stressful for you

sending (((*HUGS*))) your way x

Great work. Keep it up.

Well done Kyle, its another one blazing the way to the Penthouse, its absolutely fantastic :D

Molly x



I am 3 days ahead of you, and I am counting 5 months for my quit ?

Am I counting wrong ? Can someone clarify as I want to get out of this room.

Kyle so sorry for the crap you are going through but you have proved yourself so dam strong !

I hope everything works out for you.


Just seen you aren't here 6 months ! I really hope I am allowed to join you ! :)

DAM MY SPELL CHECK ON IPAD sorry for hogging your post Kyle you ARE in here

Right where you belong!!!

You are right where you belong in the 6 months+ room. Congratulations. It feels so good. Halfway to the penthouse here we come. :p

Let me Clarify

You join the room that the month starts in. So I just ended my 5th month like you just ended your 5th month. That means we just started our 6 months. See how it works?

Hope that helps, Woo!!!


P.S. : This is how I was told it worked anyways... :):p


Thanks for taking time to explain....




Feels gret :)

You're welcome.

You're welcome. I love to teach what I've taught. LOL. We seem to be doing this quit together at the same time since its been about the same amount of time. How are you doing with your quit? Mine really good... :-)



Firstly don't know how I missed this...so sorry but my quit is well like this...

1) Being as this quit was forced upon me and that I started it half heartedly I am doing amazing !

2) something in my head is not quite right as my moods are so up and down. But I get through it most days

3) my weight is a problem now although I go gym 3 times a week and started running (half way through training 5k) I AM EATING so much sweets evenings are my downfall

4) still cannot believe I will be celebrating 6 months soon :) :)

You sound like you have cracked it Kyle !!

ps...today is not a good day, but my motto is this...tomorrow will be better :)

Hi John nice to hear from you.

Do you suffer low moods as well ? I'm getting concerned and thinking of taking it up with my Gp. One min high and next low it's making me feel crazy !

I was doing well but feel like there's more negatives now and I never used to feel like that!

My weight is getting me down.

Tonight I attempted zero sweets but eat a tub of blueberries ! Lol been a good day today though spent at the gym :)


Just wanted to quickly say...THAT IS ME TOO ! Especially the bit where I don't even get pleasure out of the things I used to do...I love my home...can't be asked now to do things - I was always decorating, making things, crafts. That has All stopped. So glad to read that as you say possibly last end of the quit !

To sum it all up I feel like there's a switch in my head and that someone/something has turned it OFF ....I tell you thoughts have been in my head to start up again just to feel normal !! But I won't. I read in here that some people have had the same thing but this is not leaving me so I will go GP..but I don't want to take medication so what do I do ? Yes I feel better going to the gym BUT NOT like I used to.

You take care and look forward to celebrating with you in 6 months time :)


Well done Kyle a wonderful achievement 6 months of freedom! I had bad luck also, I found 50p on the pavement as I was picking it up a 6ft 4 guy tapped me on my shoulder and he said that's my £ so I gave him the 50p and told him I owed him 50p.

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