6 Months! And a great way to celebrate!

Just to let you know that I'm still alive!!

And today I have completed the magic 6 months:D

I had such a great day too - I completed a fantastic 'Ride for Heroes' - a 13mile ride in aid of Help the Heroes. Jerry was SO excited - there were so many other horses there, including members of the Household Cavalry. Alright then - it was me who was really excited!!:rolleyes:

It was brilliant to see the soldiers - it made me feel VERY proud to be British!

Well done to all the other Monkey Bar Stewards who have got to 6 months too.

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  • Hi,

    Should have said in dream thread.......WELL DONE ON 6 MONTHS. :)

  • Congratulation, Jerry Lee!!! Six months is a fantastic milestone! Half way to penthouse! Will be joining you soon in the six month section.

  • Hi Nicky,

    Nice one on the 6 months, only just realised I'm past it as well - last month has been a b*stard tho for some reason, but just gotta get on with it, couldn't afford to smoke now anyway which is a great deterrent!!!

  • Bloody well done!! Halfway there, thats most exciting!! x

  • Well done Jerry lee!

    And what a fantastic way to party!! i wish i could have been there. I 'd like to thank you for doing this on behalf of my Brother who is a soldier and recently came back from Afgan with all his legs and arms i thank god!

    I think i may choos to do somthing like that if ever i manage to quit!!! lol, or go on a megga run for cancer research with my dear mother in my heart!

    What motivation!

    Bye bye for now Mimi

  • Hi Niki,

    Sorry I missed This


    you are well on the way to the penthouse.


  • .....couldn't afford to smoke now anyway which is a great deterrent!!!

    Thanks everyone!

    I have worked out that I have saved nearly £500 by not smoking for 6 months yet I still have an overdraft! Maybe I have saved my credit card from having a bashing.

    Actually I think it had proved to me that I could never afford to smoke in the first place!

    I agree with you john.t5 - there is no way I could afford it now - I looked in my little village shop how much 20 Marlboro lights cost. Can you believe this - £6.10 !!!!

  • Hi Nicki :D

    Great job well done you 6 months done and dusted



    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • Great job - 6 months is huge :D

  • Hi Jerry

    Well done on the 6 months.

    Well done on the HTH ride as well, I too am a big supporter (my husband served for 22 years) too. Would love to see some pics if you have any.

    I am getting there too!



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