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2nd day of champix

2nd day of champix

Nothing exciting to report, have been here before.

i did notice that I didn't have a smoke for at least 4 hours after work, whereas normally i would have one as soon as i get home. So thats good.

Bad nights sleep though, i remember that from last time.

Downloaded some apps for phone that show some nasty smoking related pictures that make you think 'why am i smoking'?!

I need to pick a stop day, have stressful week at work next week. Any day will be cack.

Just goota keep this going.

Im thinking, hit the haribo hard

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Keep going

Hi Alfie,

At this point there is not much to say but well done so far and welcolme to the sight. The best advise that can be given at this point is to read the many comments on this site, and post regularly and you will soon see the amount of people who will help, and advise you.


Hi alfie,

Well done to you on your decision to quit. Like you say, no day is a good day, you just have to go for it ;)

Hope the champix works well for you & keep us posted on how you're doing :D

Gaynor x


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