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Ticking time bomb!

Hey guys - well, sorry for being the bearer of bad news.. but, I'm still not doing well at all.... this week 4 has just been really really difficult for me... 1, 2 and 3... were a breeze... but, this week just SUCKS! It's not that I even crave a cigarette - I am just so damn moody and seriously annoyed at everything. Good thing I'm going in to week 5 on Monday.

My boyfriend, as understanding as he's trying to be, can only take so much.

Honestly, am I going crazy because of the nicotine? - - or because I am actually just crazy? I'm really starting to wonder... I have a feeling there will be some big changes in my life very soon.... can this ALL be because of the nicotine??

The thing is, I don't even want a cigarette - I just want to feel normal again.

I need to just chill... seriously, I don't even want to be around me right now!

p.s it's a cold turkey quit


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Hi Sylvia

It's most likely the quit and it being on or around the 'terrible three's'. If your not already familiar with the 'terrible three's' then check the link in my signature.

As far still being quit your doing very well, but the mood swings that can accompany quitting can seriously make us question ourselves, our lives and all that we do on a day to day basis.

Keep with it and if your not already doing more exercise, getting out, improving diet, possibly even taking some good natural supplements e.g St Johns Wort or Omegas then give all or most some consideration.

Keep an eye on your feelings and moods though. Quitting does change things for some time but your best placed to judge, at the end of the day, if it IS the quit effecting things or not.

Best wishes for things to ease up and level out, very soon



Your just going crazy because of the nicotine. It will pass and you'll be ok. Doesn't sound like enough but it's true.


Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the support guys.

I read that article on the "terrible three's" Pol, and I think that must have been it!

I feel so much stronger and better today! It's the start of week 5 today. (29 days). It will be one full calendar month on Wednesday!

I feel like I'm back to my positive happy self again ... what a ride this is... I think going a bit crazy is worth it! I'm sure it's going to happen again, but hopefully next time, I can control the irritability a bit better!

Whoooooo HELLO week 5 and GOOD BYE week 4!!!!!!!!



You are doing so well and even though you want to bludgeon to death the people you love with a heavy object, I promise this will pass:o

You will however have good and bad days for the forthcoming months but the 'bad' days do get better. Can I recommend starting something new, such as exercise, knitting, bungee jumping (you know what I mean), just something new to take your mind off it.

Week 5 what a bloody marvellous achievement, well should be very proud of yourself xx:)



Hello. Firstly huge congratulations on getting into week 5 - thats brilliant. But its a bit of a journey isn't it? This is definitely the nicodemon here. I quit cold turkey as well and went through some serious mood changes/swings that can sometimes cause you to question your sanity.

But it will change. It'll be a bit up and down - but stick with it and dig your heels in. It'll be so worth it.



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