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Nutritional and supplements approach- Book recommendation

I keep going on about Patrick Holford as I've always been a big fan of his books.

Not only on general health but also on mental health, and his recent "How to quit without feeling Shit" which i think i have recommended before, It's based on supplements and high doses of vitamins and the ,minerals, amino acids, essential fats for the brain -which is %60 fat, herbs etc.

(Honestly am not employed by Mr holford or anything.....:rolleyes:)

He has written "How to quit " with spe******ed supplement programs for anyone wanting to quit nicotine, alcohol, caffeine an also illegal drugs.

His rehab treatment centres have an astonishingly high success rate in the field of addiction which is notoriously hard to treat.

I was rereading this book today, and a large part of it is about how many people suffer abstinence symptoms on witthdrawal , to name a few, overeating, craving, depression,feely empty, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating etc and for sometimes years after have not rebalanced, and are at risk for relapse, simply cos their abstinence symptoms are so unpleasant.There's so much more to the book than this though. It describes the effect of various addictions on our neurotransmitters, parts of the brain involved in addiction.It's not too sciencey either and you don't have to be a biochemist to understand.

The book really is worth reading, it advocates purely natural things that your body requires for health.

I appreciate that the supplements can be expensive but i usually find holland and Barrett very reasonable, especially in their sales.

Rereading the book again today, I'm gonna take the plunge and try to quit my beloved diet coke and chocolate habit- as these are also addictions, and keep the brain looking for the next buzz ( Major over the counter stimulant gal i am...)

He's also into eat little and often, good fats(omega 6 and 3, from seeds and eggs and fish) low gl diet..

Also the How to quit website which i've discovered if anyone wants to know a bit more.

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