Another Month done

Hi everyone, just like everyone to know, that today 18th July 2010 is my 7 month quit date, and I am feeling great. It is amazing to look back to everything that has happened to me going through the quit stages like the fear I had when I was in hospital last December with a pain when I was breathing in, the fear as I waited on the result of two CT Scans, the depression that I experienced due to nicotine withrawal,but the greatest help I had during this quit was my many friends on this site. So upwards and onwards to the Penthouse.


Stopped:18th December 2009

How: CT


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  • Hey dannyboy 7 months is so good....You must feel proud mate.

    well done you :)

  • Hi Dan, congrats on your 7th Month today, the road to smoke free is not easy but you know its so so worth it, 5 more months and in you go to the Penthouse which I am sure you are very excited about, I will be not far behind you so I hope you will make sure its all clean and tidy and plenty of fat free food at hand xx

  • Danny, huge congratulations on 7 months quit, hope your post helps people see that although the journey can be uphill, it's well worth it.

    You'll be in the penthouse before you know it.

    Lorraine :)

  • Thanks

    Thanks for all the kind words. What a team


  • Well done on your 7 months Dannyboy, hope I will get there myself this time ;)

  • Great news

    Well done Dannyboy. A couple of months behind you, but still going strong....... will catch you up one day!! :rolleyes:

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