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Six months done - feeling good!

The title says it all really.:D

Really chuffed to be this far down the line - the last couple of months have flipped by so quickly!

My thanks go to all on the forum, you have been a major factor in me getting this far, supplying much needed advice, support, and someone to share the journey with. It seemed a long way away at the beginning, but it has got easier as time has gone on. Strange but lovely thought that I am nearer to the penthouse than I am to the beginning of my quit!

All best wishes to everyone, whatever stage of your quit you are at. And, in the time-honoured phrase - if I can do it, you can too.


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Congrats on 6 months, or.. HALF A YEAR!!!!!!

I'm sure you've seen all the ups and downs now, but what a great part of the quit to be at now that you've done 6 months.. thats amazing progress.

Well done Deke!



Hi Deke

Wow! Six months - that's fantastic - very well done! I hit 2 calendar months today - can't wait for 6! :D



Congratulations Deke on the big 6 months milestone :)

Isn't it fantastic to be smoke free.


yipeeee! well done deke. six month milestone is fab xxxx



Well done 6 months thats fab work. Half a year the second half is much much easyer and faster. Good for you.xxxxx


Congratulations Deke!!! 6 whole months and well on your way to the penthouse :) Coming full circle is amazing but half way is pretty damn good, too ;) Nice job, you :)


Bloody brilliant Deke, good innit when we realise we've gone six whole months without the dreaded weed, no reason why we should ever have to do it again. Well done. Well done Coaltyt too on your two months. David


In the nicest possible way I say, only 6 months?? It feels like you've been here forever! Bloomin congratulations to you and good on your support and, of course, lets not forget your intellectual contributions!! FF xx


Hi Deke :D

WOW CONGRATULATIONS on 6 months smoke free that's a fantastic milestone a whole 1/2 year has sped by for you


Marg xxxx


Wow! Thanks everyone...

Hi Jase, 6 months feels good. Every day without a cig feels good.

Hi Coaltyt, thanks and congratulations on your 2 months too.

Michael, I love being smoke-free. Only wish I'd done it years ago.

Hi Sam, I know you made your 6 months a couple of weeks ago. It's a lovely milestone and I'm looking forward to more. Hopefully there should be a bunch of MMQs achieving well. Time for another roll-call?!?

Linda, it has definitely got easier as time has gone on. There have been tough times as well, but it is so true that every situation dealt with smoke-free makes the next time that bit easier.

Bella, it may be half a year, but I think I will still be ticking off the milestones as I go (it'll be 200 days in a couple of weeks.:D)

Hi David, having not put a cig in my mouth for more than half a year, the qustion I have is - Why did I ever do it in the first place!

Hey Fiona, seems like I've been here forever does it? I hope that's a good thing!

Hi Marge, thanks for the fireworks. I'm looking forward to the glass of champagne in 6 months time.:D

Caroline, thanks for your lovely comments. if I have been an inspiration in any small way then I am doubly chuffed. You are doing so well too, won't it be 5 months for you in a few days?

Here's to carrying on with the joys of a smoke-free life.



Hi Deke :D

If you're really good I may even stretch to a bottle of champagne for you in 6 months time :p :D

Love and a Hug

Marg xxxxxxx


well done Deke :D


CONGRATULATIONS, Deke!!!! Six months is fantastic!! Half way to the penthouse! Keep going strong! Jody


A whole bottle! I shall definitely look forward to that, Marge.

Hi Chrissie, bman and Jody, many thanks for your comments. Six months and one day now - and still feeling good!



Sorry I missed this - congrats Deke.


Thanks Stuart,

The times I think about smoking are getting less and less often now. And when I do they are less and less of a problem. The occasional tough moment, it's true. But it really feels like it's nothing I can't deal with. Which is just lovely.



Congrats Deke! half way house you've reached.. well done! Bet you feel so much different now to the previous months.

Nicely done :)



CONGRATULATIONS, Deke!!! 6 months is fantastic! Jody


Thank you Manny, Jase and Jody.

Getting the support messages from you all is so encouraging. It does feel good being nearer to 1 year quit than to the start of my quit, that is certain.

All best wishes to everyone who is choosing not to smoke today. Stay strong.



Well done Deke

Congratulations on 6 months of being a non smoker ,,,,,what a fabulous milestone to reach. You are halfway to a whole year, well done.

I am 1 month behind you and soooooooooooo looking forward to the 6 month mark on 28th October.


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit on 28th April.

3 months patches:o

2 months 4 days cold turkey :cool::D


Good work Deke,

Sorry I missed this one! :o


Thanks Trev, make sure you post a nice big message on the 28th. Six months is a good feeling.

Thanks Nic, and no problem. (My mother missed my birthday once! When I was speaking to her on the phone that evening it was clear that it had completely slipped her mind. (Having said that, I was 35 at the time - but mothers never forget their own kids birthdays do they!!!))


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