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Almost through the first day

Hello folks

I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. Just wanted to say hello and check in.

My planned quit date using Champix was tomorrow Thursday 15th but it happened today. Only two days into the blue champix tablets. It's been a hard day physically and psychologically but not near as bad as when i tried to quit using NRT.

Worried about work tomorrow as I have no choice but to work in smokey homes of the people I visit to provide community care (duty of care laws). Some of the guys will open a window if I am lucky. They keep asking me if I want a cigarette? :eek: Hope they are supportive and maybe they will smoke less? Wait and see.

I got my SC group at 11am tomorrow.

Looking forward to contributing to the forum and gettig to know you all. Keeps my mind busy and stops me thinking about smoking. Keeps hands busy too now I think about it ;)

Wish you all success with your quit.

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Hi Andrew and welcome

Well done you on your first day - have always thought that was the worst day no matter what and I've had plenty of bad days since :eek: Hopefuly those you visit will be supportive and open a window - who knows you may inspire them to quit!

You'll never have to do today again and that's a good thought. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and help flush your system out - helps with the munchies too :D

Keep posting and read loads - it does help - look forward to hearing how you're doing :)


Hey welcome Andrew,

Well done on getting started one nearly over. As Pookie says drink more water but also up your intake of vitamins, expecially C which has been depleted as a also helps the water in cleansing out your system.

Look at the links in various members' sigs to read loads of information about the quitting process you are going through. It will really help you with understanding your quit and lessen the issues that arise. Most of these occur whether you are using Champix, NRT, Allen Carr or Cold Turkey.

Education is the key to a successful quit and as well as the links I mention above there is loads of very useful information in this site, plus members to help answer questions you may have.




Afternoon Andrew, I hope you are still feeling strong on your second day, that must be hard to have to go into situations where the place is full of smoke, dont think I would have been strong enough at the start of my quit to do that but you will be suprised where the strength comes from, as you say if you tell them when you first go in that you have quit maybe they will be polite enough to hold fire on lighting up.

Stay focused and smoke free.


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