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I made it through the first day of week 2!

Hello all! Most of you are all sleeping soundly. I just wanted to get on here and let you know that I have made it to week 2 and finished with the first day. Still going good though I did catch myself wanting a cigarette out of rountine on almost everything I did today. After I ate, after I left the store, taking the dogs out, after a movie. All the old routine smoking was flooding back into my head today for some reason. It wierd how you know how smoking affects you (anxiety for me) but still want one. Week 1 down...a lifetime to GO!! YAY! Oh...and my sense of smell is BACK and my dog stinks!! Hehehe!! And I made it through 2 whole songs of dancing wildly with my children!! AWESOME!

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That's great, you deserve a mad dance with this kids :). Nice to be able to breath easier even so early on, and amazing what the body can do isn't it!


Hi Wsmith :D

Well done you 8 days complete that's great Big Hug

You'll find you get the odd day like that now and again but they get fewer and fewer as you go along Promise and each time you get through that sort of day it gets easier to do

The sense of smell returning is also great and there will be so many more benefits to come for you


Marg xx


Well done, these early days are so important you feel the effects of stopping, it will get much easier as the days go in. You smoked for a long time and many a day so it is normal to think about them at times when you would have smoked, this will also become less and less.

You have everything to look forward to, read some of the links in our signatures and some of the posts around 6 months and a year, see how different they feel. I know it sounds like they are miles away, I have been there, but as the time goes by it feels much quicker as there are no continual reminders by the hour etc.



Wow, well done! I'm coming to the end of week one and am still having those 'time for my fag' moments too- so much is ingrained in our brains! Smoking 'times' and silly rituals... Hopefully we can re-train our brains but it may take some time!

Oh, and I just noticed today how BAD my kitten's food smells! How could I not have noticed before? It's like rotten stew! Poor kittens. :o


Congratulations!!!! The thing I hold most precious is the return of physical activity. I used to bend over, grab my knees, and catch my breath. Not any more. I don't know if the urge to smoke after meals will ever go away. People look up at me and ask are you back already? What do non smokers do after meals anyway? Take care and we are here.


Well done Wsmith. I'm hoping those pangs go away also. One week fag free tomorrow. I know what you mean about dancing with the kids...not getting out of breath. Glad you were able to shake, rattle and roll. Loads of best wishes for week 2. LisaX


hello no smoking world

Well going to bed soon and day ten then will start, had a really bad first week but determined.


going to Berlin Tomorrow for a little holiday...ouch, they still smoke in bars!!!

But HELP Berlin and not go to be to be strong...this is a really big test:eek:

but so has this last week a big test,

by the way anyone had cold like symptoms coming off the backy?


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