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I quit on 11th January

Hello forumites

My name is Bob and I quit on 11th January.

[INDENT]I read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking (not the chatty man) and haven't looked back. There have been time's when I struggled if I think I'm going to fall I get the book out and read and soon I'm back on track.[INDENT]Touch wood I've not needed to get the book out for a while now, but its there just in case.[INDENT]All I can say is If I can you can, oh and gentlemen there are some rather pleasant fringe benefits when your circulatory system improves nudge, nudge ;)

[INDENT]Its nearly 6 month for me, roll on Sunday when the missus says she has an extra special pressie lined up. Can't wait![/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT] [/INDENT]

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Hi Bob,

Well done on that quit...and Allen Carr (not Chatty Man) has proven a successful process for quite a few others.

Its nearly 6 month for me

See you've arrived prematurely :rolleyes:



Hi Bob

So you have found a great forum for quitters, congratulations on your quit so far , by the sounds of it you have discovered a new lease of life, where did it go before ?!!! anyway hope your quit stays this way for you, lucky man:D


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