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Why am I so scared?!

Hi guys,

back again...I am trying to catch the right moment to start my quit..again!!!

Why is it so difficult to just go for it?The previous attempts I made, which turned out to be failures,were kind of 'spontaneous' and I just went for them...this time is taking me so long an for some reasons I am terrified.

My state of mind is kind of low at the moment..I graduated from un on the 18th of June and I have yet to find a job..this has affected my smoking incredibly a I am spending all my days smoking in front the computer applying for jobs. In a sense, I feel that is the problem, suddenly finding myself with all this free time, not to have to rush around and stuff...I hate down time!!!!

I am trying to look at this rationally, but it's quite difficult.I am smoking more and more each day and it is really out of control.

You are such a nice supporting bunch and I have always had a great deal of support from you. Sorry for being ranting all the time.


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Zai, those previous quits were not failures they were just practise runs for your next and final quit :D

I would suggest some serious reading, the links in mine and others signitures will help you get your head in the right place and keep it there. Education is the key to a lasting quit and reading the links and posting and supporting others will help you educate yourself about nicotine and its nasty tricks.

Choose a day, why not tomorrow? Get rid of all cigs and ashtrays and lighters etc and then you become a non smoker, we are all here to help.

You can rant as much as you like, trust me I have done more than my fare share of that!

Go for it, your sooo worth it.


Ranting is just fine, Zai..... honestly all my spontaneous quits failed, too..... for this my last quit, I took a lot of time to prepare. I stopped drinking coffee about a month before I quit as that was a huge trigger for me, I got a hypnosis cd that I listened to when things became too tough, had Allen Carr's book handy, and I had tons of other resources in place, one being this forum. Making the decision to quit is probably the scariest part..... keep reading around on the forum and check out the links in members signature for motivation. Good luck finding a job, too!


Thank you for the great support..I am trying to get into the right frame of mind and to get prepared.



Hi zai

hey you will do this quit thing just great when your ready :) sounds like a lots going on applying for jobs & the like

Grab all your power & go for it..Be good to meet you in day 1:)


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