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Where do I go - am I here now??


I've completed 3 weeks not smoking - woo hoo!!! But where do I go now? Have I graduated to the 1month board? Seems a bit premature ... but hey ho, I'll go with it!

Hope everyone else's quits are going ok? It was very difficult for me for the first couple of weeks but has eased off a fair bit. My problem is more mental (yes, yes, ok) than anything else - I can deal with the physical bit cos that just make me angry. I'm in control of me, not the nicotine! Plus, I've had a bit of a tough time the last week which in a funny way, although it has massively increased my cravings (or just plain desire really!) has made it easier NOT to smoke. Cos of course, then I can just ask myself if having a fag will make anything better - nope! It's the other times, like sitting down in the garden having a nice cuppa on my tea break ... will it make my tea taste better? I dunno, probably, I'd certainly enjoy it!! Still, I've done 3 weeks, so just the rest of my life to go!!

Anyway, my point is, for anyone who is reading ahead in the forums it does get easier!! Yes, I'm still getting cravings, yes I'm still absolutely knackered but I'm sort of used to the not smoking now and every single day is an achievement. Just keep reading this forum - it's been a huge help to me, so thank you everyone for posting!



Quit: 14th June, cold turkey

Smoked 11 years (with a 1 year quit in the middle): between 10 and 20 a day.

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Well done Clarkey, and what a fantastic positive post for a Monday morning.

Sorry you have had a bit of a rough time, but getting through it smoke free will only make the next rough time a bit easier to deal with.

I hope you are very proud of yourself you sound like you have a really strong quit going and your right everyday is an acheivement to be proud of.


Hi Clarkey, I agree with Bev you do sound strong and focussed which is brilliant for someone just entering the first Month of their quit, I was like you it wasn’t the stressed times that made me crave a cig it was the social times like the chat with friends and a cig, the BBQs, that was one of my hardest just trailing behind the long distance drives in the car, that was a real bummer for me, now I can say without doubt that these little craves have moved on thank goodness and I can drive 100s of miles eat loads of BBQs and I mean Loads as I proved yesterday LOL and only have a fleeting whisper of a crave, I feel so much better now as well and so glad I quit as I’m sure you will also feel very soon, the water link in my sig is a good read, and I am sure you are finding there are loads on this site, stay strong and before long you will begin to appreciate all the benefits of not smoking.


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