Look where i am!!!

So made it to 3 weeks, I've cried, shouted, almost given in, but still here. I will say it again, feel so much better, still going on walks every afternoon, actually loving it put headphones in and off I go, relieves the boredom I would have sitting in house. I go for a lovely walk down to the lighthouse, which there and back up and down hills, takes about 1 hour, nice cool crisp scottish sea air, can't beat it. Looking forward to hitting the month mark next week.

​ Good luck to everyone, just starting out and thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far xx

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  • That's brilliant jess, congrats on 3 weeks xx

  • Thank you Chloe, never thought I would get this far, thought I would have caved by now x

  • Wish I had a lighthouse to walk to, only got Tescos :( Bit envious of your walks! Massive congratulations, it only gets easier from now on :)

  • Congratulations to you on your 3 weeks. Hopefully, I'll be there soon. Well done to you. Mmmm, Scottish sea air. I'm jealous. I have London air.

  • I can feel the pride bursting out of that post Jess :)

    Not long to go now and you'll have done a whole month! :)

    The walks will help you forget about smoking, get you fitter, help with any potential weight gains and help release Dopamine into your body which helps with a feel good factor :)

    Honestly, if you stick to NOPE, I really believe you will make it all the way to the Penthouse :)


  • Hi Jess

    It is great to read this post because you seem so happy and I know you told me you take it day by day and this got you here at 3 weeks 😀 I am ok at work but at home can be the hardest so walking sounds like a plan. Not sure I could do hills yet though😄

  • Thank you everyone,I must admit walkabout, I love my little town, I'm definitely not a city person, (only thing is everyone knows you and your business and what they don't know they make up lol), but yeah born and raised here, absolutely stunning scenery, clean air it's great. Ann Marie, start small you will find every day gets easier and easier to breath, now my throat isn't dry and I'm not out of breath at all, and that's doing that walk, not even every day in past 3 weeks, when I go tomorrow I might take some pics of my.view and lighthouse if anybody would like to see them

  • Yes please :)

  • Lucky you, that's beautiful :)

  • Oh Jess you live in a stunning place! How fabulous to have such absorbing scenery on your doorstep :) I'm pretty lucky with my countryside here on the edge of Salisbury plain, but we're very much missing the sea! Bit envious, I'll be honest!

    Well done on your three weeks!

  • Well done...get settled into your new room. But don't get too comfy, month 2 is closer than you might think right now. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the sense of achievement.

    Keep on moving. You're doing great.

  • Congrats on three weeks smoke free Jess, just think of all that lovely fresh air going into your lungs on your walks :) I love walking my dog the air actually hurts my lungs where it's so fresh, so much nicer than the boiling hot black smoke we used to inhale..... Ugh what a thought! Well done again xxx

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