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The walk of shame!!

Hi everybody!

It has been a while since I was here....I was quitting with Champix but the stress in my academic year crushed me down and I started again...

Then I tried Champix again, but this time I had very bad side effects, until one day I felt so dizzy I actually I crushed to the floor and I stopped the med immediately.I am not sure why I was feeling so bad as I tried before and I did not experienced all that.

Anyway, now I am smoking so much more than I ever did and I feel very bad for it.I want stop but I don't want to take champix again. I ave tried NRT before, but one type at the time, and that did not help too much.

Can anybody tells me if it is ok to use a combination of NRT?For example, inhalator + patches? Or can anyone suggest something that can help me? I litterally tried anything...Alan Carr, hypnosis...

I am SO desperate...please help!!

Thank you


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Thank you

Dear Chrissie,

thank you for your reply.I was thinking to use more than one as I have somehow become a 'hard-core' smoker, and I hate it!!!

I was also attending the NHS smoking meeting and I must ay, although everyone is really great and supportive and I can't praise them enough, talking abut cigarettes somehow made me wanting them more!!

I am thinking to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and get some NRTs...I was thinking to try the nasal spray, as it is the only thing I have not yet only worry is becoming addicted to it as I read that this is most likely to happen with this particular method.

Thank you again for your encouragement. :)



chrissie has given you the excellent advice you need to get started again .

And there isnt one of us here who hasnt felt like you when given in to the oh -sod it- moment.:(

well done for getting back to doing what is the best thing we can do for our health:)

I am almost 2 month down the road now-more than ever before . too many quits to mention . I am using patches and the inhalator .

If you can -find a stop smoking service -or pharmacy run stop smoking programme. they will advise you -and you will get the products on prescription or cheaper.

whatever cheaper than cigs.-if not e-bay;)

good luck -for me so far -it is this forum that has been my saviour .

so keep in touch and post often - good luck !!



Thank you Skylark

Thank you..It's amazing the support that all of you show all the really makes me feel that I am not alone in this battle.

I am terrified and I am quite ashamed of it..Every time I have tried to stop smoking, I felt like I was loosing my mind..I don't now what it is about cigarettes, but they are made of PURE EVIL.I wish I never started!

They definately have a huge hold on me and that drives me crazy!!:mad:

I hope less and less teenagers don't start smoking and see the ban as a huge bless.



I think you are probably making your attempts at quitting so much harder than they should be by feeling so guilty about your last couple of attempts, when we decide to stop smoking we convince ourselves that we will put out the ciggie and that will be it, then we realise that maybe it’s not quite as easy as that and we then get upset if we smoke again which is only natural.

Ok so we are only human and nicotine is a very addictive drug which when used for a number of years is very hard to give up.

This is my second quit and the first time I managed 11 months and then let the breakup of my relationship get me back on the smoking road, I have been quit 6 months this time and know I want smoke again not because of anything or anyone, first off you must be totally committed to stopping and you must also have the dedication to see it through, without these you will again find yourself with another ciggie in your hand and back on the treadmill.

If at last you have decided that this is the ultimate quit, which I think you may have otherwise you wouldn’t be on this forum now asking for help would you, put the ciggie out you have in your hand and decide that that is the last ciggie you will ever smoke and take it from there, one day or one hour at a time, either way you have to do it because you want too, as hard as it is you will eventually get there and the benefits are so huge you will not regret it, make sure you have iced water handy and drink plenty, also try to get out in the fresh air maybe doing some exercise if only walking, the first few days are going to be the hardest and it is more to do with giving up the ritual I think than the actual nicotine, I hope you will use the forum daily as you will see it’s a great way to help you stay focussed and on track, I wish you luck as well because we all need a little of that.


hello Zai- I hate it when people say I know how you feel. so I wont.

no-one knows how we as individuals feel .

but I will say this. I recognise those words in your post . I smoked for 36 years .

I cannot say I wont smoke again -cos I am an addict.

BUT - when restless and thinking sod it - I come on to this forum and cruise around and read -and read -and read somemore.

And I am not so lonely anymore and understand why and how to deal with it.

you will be fine . you want to do this. dont be afraid. come on board :D

you are gaining life back.:):)



There's nothing to be ashamed of...they say it takes a few quits before you actually do it for good.

I used both patches and gum, and would say they were excellent for me....have been off the patches for some while now, and now off the gum for 4 days....and all is well....:)

Keep talking to people on here, you'll be amazed at how much support you get and like other people have said, if it wasn't for this forum and some good friends, I probably would be back smoking by now...


Thank youso much

For all the kind words and support..I decided to go and buy some NRTs tomorrow and take it from there..I am going to try very hard to make it work this time around.I am really feeling the effects of smoking on me..this morning went to a fitness class, and thought I was about to faint afterwards!!I was really tired..I am in my 20s and this should not happen!!!I want my health back.



Zai trust me if you stop smoking now you will in time get all your health back to being a none smoker, you have time unlike some of us who may have left it too late to regain it all, however if you continue to smoke the chances are that you will die before your given time of some smoke related disease, that in itself should give you more reasons to quit and stay quit, 41 years of smoking and I have at last realised that I have to stay quit, you can and will do it xx


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