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As of now....a champix user


Hey guys

am just about to start the dreaded road down withdrawal path lol, have no idea how this is gonna affect me but optimistic about how many positives its gonna have on me in the long run!!

Also wondered if anyone would want to pair up with me whos also just starting or started recently so i can keep in this frame of mind!

I'll post more news from tomorrow night to let you know how im doing!


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go andy, it is easier than you think: you live day by day, drink much water

and when you are nervous go to sleep. I made in this way and ....they are 71 days.

you must not surrender, to become a not smoker is a lovely thing.

ciao andy

to become a not smoker is a lovely thing.

dam right.

I'm guessing you're just starting your course of Champix. If you've just started the course don,t set yourself a quit date, just let the drug work - after a few days on it you should start cutting down. Try and have your morning tablet with an apple or something as many people find they have a feeling of sickness. This forum is invaluable for the first days of stopping, use it often. Focus on the little things such as lying there at night breathing deeply without your chest wheezing and rattling because as Alberto said - to become a none smoker is a lovely thing.

Good luck and enjoy it.

Champix was great....


Just wanted to say that I thoroughly recommend Champix to anyone. I had tried various times to quit, and just couldn't do it for longer than a month at a time.

You do still need some willpower, but by day 8 i was literally having two puffs of a ciggie and throwing it away.

I agree with Scribble though, don't set a date even though your nurse/doc has probably told you too. I did set one, but had no faith in myself so set mine for day 12, but actually gave up a few days before as i just couldn't bear the thought of buying another pack of ciggies.

Good luck with your quit. Be determined, and take one hour at a time when you do stop. Drink lots (water that is!), read lots of signature links on here, and rant if you need to!

You sound determined, and I like that!


the first day of using it has been horrible, nausea, headaches, dizziness, stomach cramps, niiiiice lol

still gonna go through with it though, its a habit that needs to be packed in, and thanks guys all the advice n tips mean alot :D n nah i havent set a date yet, ive been told to wait until i start feeling wierd when smoking n just wont want one anymore, n thats gonna be my quit day.

Hate taking tablets though lol the 1mg ones look awful :( lol

Hi Andy, I've no experience of Champix - i went cold turkey and so far, that hasn't been a much of a joyride either. I don't think there is an easy way to quit. For sure, there are ways that are better for some than for others but i think we're all capable of beating this addiction. Find the quit method that works for you and stick to it.

Good luck!


Have something to eat when you take the morning tablet - I got almost exactly the same side effects as you're describing and having an apple made it much easier. If you get bad side effects go to your GP - thats very important as some people have reported some side effects that effect their mental health, such as sever depression. But apparently those sorts of side effects are reported to be rare. And as your body gets used to the champix the side effects do get a lot less.

Keep us posted and good luck.

Hi Andy I am not a champix user but have come to post and wish you well, giving up the smokes is and always will be the best move for your health you can do for yourself, keep hydrated and make sure you eat well, a little and often is good and keeps your hands busy, also try to find something to keep you busy like knitting ok so maybe not knitting but come on here that will keep your hands and brain occupied.

Hi Andy

Yes the side effects can be a real bitch, but stick with it if you can as it really works, I had a failed attempt with champix last year, after a week I stop taking them and kept smoking.

This time round, champix day 20, smoke free day 7 :D I still don't believe it!

Last couple of days had some side effects again and the second week was hellish, but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

The way I see it is, I spent 26 plus years smoking, even if I don't do much else (not the case) for 3 or 4 weeks than stopping this vial habit! I am still winning and making one of the best things I did for myself, ever!

Dam I've gone all serious there :)

Hope you stick with it look into the champix crew for more


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