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20 weeks

Hey folks,

Decided to stop being down about the blips and be happy that i have been quit for 20 weeks today. 140 days.

Its hard saying that cos a part of me thinks that i haven't but I am going to go with it and force myself ha-ha.

Well done to everyone who has quit no matter how many days/weeks. This quitting lark is a huge deal and we are all doing really well :)


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Debs, 20 weeks, how brilliant is that, and despite any hiccups along the way, 20 weeks is still 20 weeks, now matter how you look at it. More importantly though, you're not smoking which after all is the aim of the whole thing.

You're right, this is a HUGE deal and you are doing incredibly well. Keep at it cos we know it's worth it.

Lorraine :)


Hi Debs

Good for you on all counts, really pleased for you and you should be immensely proud of yourself 20 weeks is awesome onwards and upwards Debs:)


Tis like learning to ride a bike without stabilisers!

you fall off a number of times along the way but the end result at the end is ..

you can ride a bike!

Well done on 20 weeks, sometimes by knowing and controlling your weaknesses you can fully appreciate your success much more later on. How you treat blips is entirely up to you, its how it all sits in your own mind that counts. Only thing you owe to yourself is 'be honest' and 'learn' from any mistakes made along the way.

remember, to err is human, to errrrrrrrrrrrrr means read the instructions :)


Hi Debs well done on your quit, amazingly good, and now it seems you are starting to feel more comfortable with it so it will get easier and easier you see.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and that the weather stays fine for you xx



20 weeks is just sooooooo brill .....Youve come a long way & should feel proud.forget the smokes ..Your wise to it now & you just know :) & im gonna follow you all the way me how its done ..coz i for one dont think any failure in your quit one ikkle bit xxxx:)


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