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20 weeks done!


20 weeks done, absolutely fantastic! It feels like I'm writing about someone else, to be honest it's even hard to believe it's been so long.

On a sad note, for anyone that accompanied me on my journey... I have struggled big time with a recurring lungs infection. One month after stopping the long term course of antibiotics, the infection is back again.

I felt very frustrated when I noticed that once again... I can't breathe. I'm coughing the lungs out, I wake up every 10 mins short of oxygen, it's actually horrible

I'm back to the routine, mri and CT scan, xray and loads of money spent on medication and doctors.

I will get rid of this, I know I will.

But please, any of you out there, please STOP doing this to yourselves!

NOPE is the only way! There's no half ways. No more excuses, just please, be kind to yourself and STOP.

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Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

mmaya I'm so pleased for you reaching 20 weeks!! - and equally sorry to hear about the return of the infection...but you've got to have helped your body with those 20 weeks of clean air, surely? At least you're showing yourself how strong and amazing you are - fight it off!


Thanks incy, I suppose you're right, I'm feeling very down, this thing is hunting me for over a year now...

Well, the good thing is even if I was thinking abt smoking again...I hardly can breathe nevermind smoking B-)

Hi Mmaya

I hope you can get your health issues sorted out as quickly as possible - I know you will get them sorted though.

So proud of you for all your determination in dealing with this quit issue. No looking back, just forwards.

Best wishes Mmaya, I'm always lurking in the background. xx

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Thanks linda, good to hear from you, we haven't really talked much lately :-( congratulations to you and your 22 weeks, I think we finally found ourselves :) xxx

HercuValued Contributor

Hi Mmaya.... It is very painful for me to see your suffering... Such a positive contributor to this forum ....always there for all of us...and still going strong and remain positive ...It is a true honor to call you my friend Mmaya and all I can say is STRONGS buddy...!

Will always be there fore you.....NOPE ....!!!!

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Thank you Hercu and it's an honour to be called a friend by such a gentleman! :-)


Congratulations and well done mmaya on reaching the 5 month milestone, 1 month away and we are half way there to the penthouse!

Wishing you a speedy recovery with the infection and hopefully will be sorted once and for all...

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Thanks Rowens, congratulations to you too ;) you're doing fantastic!

Abt the lungs infection, I don't know yet ( still waiting on results) if this is the same previous issue or if I just picked it up along the way - cough seems to be going around and seem to pick it up everytime it's around.

I know on Monday over 30% absenteeism in the office, all the same reason as me.

Hopefully now this will turn out to be just some sort of viral thingy.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

Yeah, same here at work, an awful alot with chest infections and coughs, I have been taking a spoonful of exputex at night to keep it at bay, was going to say you may have picked up something, hopefully that is the case....

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Whatever it is...I'm actually starting to believe that it won't be long before I cough out one of the lungs lol its ridiculous! my abdomen is sore from the cough!!!

NozmoValued Contributor

Thrilled for you on reaching 20 weeks mmaya - congratulations! Pity the chest infection had to rear its ugly head to dampen the celebrations. Get well soon!

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I'll still party lol thanks dude!

I can't wait for my 6 months party! I might even have a glass of wine to celebrate hihihi

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Well done with reaching 20 weeks, Maya. I'm sure the lung thing is just a virus. If everyone has the same thing, it can't really be anything different.

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I hope so, I really do.i don't think I can take the same dose again.

Yeah, everybody I know is sick at the moment, but my cough sounds very bad compared to any of them.

My son asked last night if I'm going to die?!

Because I've had it too many times, they aren't really taking any chances, I'm well medicated.

Hopefully I'll be laughing at it soon.

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free in reply to GrahamA

Sounds nasty. When I get a cold it lasts for 2 weeks and I feel like I'm dying - at least 7 days of wretching and vomitting up slime every 20 minutes day and night. Yuck, but it often sounds worse than it is. IIRC you are quite young so too young to be suffering from anything seriously nasty.

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