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20 Weeks oooor 140 Days


Oooooh i've managed a double whammy of days and weeks that both end in 'O'.... :)

... must have a glass of wine to celebrate... any excuse really... but hurraaah!!! Well on the way to the next biggie milestone....

Might i pour anyone a glass? I have been to the cash and carry and have several crates.... yes crates not bottles... of wine.....

although i fear it may not be enough for you lot!!!!!

boingity boingity bing bong booooing!!!!

*embarks on slightly off kilter pourage of the veno* :D


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Thank you (how kind) I will have a large red:)

Well done on your 140 days, and may I say you have done it with style my love. Right shall we get chocolate too!:D

Well done.

Thats zO great!!!

20 weeks is a wonderful amount of time to have quit for so far, .. 140 days.. rarrrrrrr bring it on!!!

Well done you!!!!!!!!!!!

Thaaaaanks Chrissie Jase & Christine!!!!!

Thaaaaanks Chrissie Jase & Christine!!!!!

Its support from people like you on here, that have got me this far!!! and steeled my resolve never to go back to my smelly old ways!!!

Its been a tough little time, which is why i posted for a bit of moral support... the nicodemon has been having a few sharp pokes at me, and left me questioning it all.... buuuuuutttt... i'm getting to become accustomed to his ways, and he's not beating me!!!! Noooo Sireeee! I've gaffa taped him to a lamp post in a remote region of a remote desert where there is nothing but sand dunes and wild camels.... see how he likes that!!!!

Christine - Chocolate yes, the equally delicious as normal negative calorie type please!!!! *dribble* Big sunny smiles to you!!!

Jase - You've been an absolute star with support and little info gems along my journey.

Chrissie.... what can i say.... she's a superstaaar! xxx

Big Fluffy armed cuddlemonsters to everyone!!!


Well done Zozie,

I am SO pleased & proud of you. A fantastic quit for a fantastic person :D

Gaynor xx

wtg Zozie....doesn't look like you are fooling around with the wine ;), I'll have a small one...red if possible.

Hi my boingy friend 20 weeks and so infront of me but thats ok cause when you reach the next room you can clean it cause it took me 2 days to clean this one up and if any one messes the kitchen up befor thursday they will have me to deal with :(:(:(

These are just for you but be careful xxxx

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