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20 mins left of week 7 and I am feeling it

Good evening all,

hope everyone is good. Just about to move on up to the 2 week pages and gotta say the mental battles this past hour have been a complete and utter nightmare. I was struggling and was so so tempted to pop to the shops but had to pull myself back and re-focus why I am here and doing the quit. I have come 7 days cold turkey and overall the experience has not been too bad.

Day 7 has defo for some reason been the hardest of the quit so far. The nicobeast is fighting hard today to win me back to the nicodarkside.

I will push through this day without smoking with the knowledge to keep my resolve of never to smoke again.

Its great to have this place to be able to read other peoples thoughts and helps you get perspective again.

Going to have a bath to chill out now, much nicer than a stinky smelly killing ciggy.

Feeling better now. Better to write than to smoke. Be glad when today is over with.


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hahaha just realised I said week 7, I mean day 7. :)


Hi Andy,

You're doing great - almost into the fabled week 2 he he!Keep it up.

Yes as a day 10 person I've got to agree that those sneaky cravings still do their best but we'll beat 'em!

Enjoy the bath and have a good night



Hi Andy

So pleased you are winning the battle - tht bath sounds great.

I'm going to get stuck into Eastenders and the NCIS. Nothing like a couple of hunky blokes to look at to take your mind off you-know-what! :D

With apologies to all hunky blokes! No offense!


Hi Andy :D

Sorry you're finding today tough but hang in there soon be in week 2 and promise it gets better as you go along the road

Click the bottom link in my signature there's a lot of useful stuff in there that will help I used it a lot early on


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Emperor Nicotine and Darth Inhaler will try anything to lure you to the nico-darkside, and that jabba the butt guy is no better. Mind you the nico-lightside has 'master odour', the quitting master who instructed me :)

Glad you got through it :)


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