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20 weeks

I see I am at 20 weeks and nearly 5 calendar months complete! Yesterday was my first attempt at a jugful of pimms. Happy to report that sunshine and drunkeness only evoked one small pang. I thoroughly enjoyed myself without having to run off every half hour to fag it and I honestly think my hangover felt better for not being smoke ridden too. I never thought I could manage a summers afternoon drinking, with good company (or bad I suppose) without smokes. I did. And if I can, anyone can!

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Good for you Fiona.

It's a lovely feeling when what you think will bother you doesn't :p

Keep up the good work.

Love Gaynor xx


Hi Fiona :D

great 20 weeks done and dusted brilliant

Booze without the fag was OK then


Marg xxxxxxxx


was most tasty marg. And Andy also completed the test very well too! He is now nearly 11 weeks quit!


Hi Fiona,

Congratulations to both you and Andy, Well done.



Hi Fiona,

Congratulations on 20 weeks smoke-free, and to Andy too on 11 weeks. Had a really nice weekend myself, which involved enjoying the sun and a drink or two - and hardly even a thought about smoking.:D



Big hugs Fiona well done :)


Nice going, Fi! And Andie as well!! Congratulations on 20/11 weeks!! Almost ready to jump to the 6 month section!!! I'm right behind ya, quit buddy :D Have a happy, sunny, and smoke free summer! Big Hug XXXX


20 weeks is brilliant - well done!

I'm so glad to hear as well that having a few drinks in the sun is do-able without smokes. I'm starting to doubt I can do it, but you've stated it CAN be done :)


thanks guys! Love you people to pieces, would never have gotten this far without such brilliant support! Am most pleased! Jenjam, I was an Olympic smoker. Couldn't make a move without a smoke. It took at least five fags each morning before I left for work to even face the day. And on previous quits I would always pretend I had quit but secretly smoked. There are many of us on here who prove it is doeable! Takes a bit of mental work and continuing adjustment but you get there! xx


Hi Fiona, congratualtions on 20 weeks quit, and sitting in the sun with a glass of pimms and not smoking is fantastic! (I love pimms), well done to andy too!



It took at least five fags each morning before I left for work to even face the day.

oh gosh yes ... I usually had smoked 4 by the time I arrived, then another within an hour of getting to work :( No more though!


Hello Quit Buddy!

So sorry I missed this.

I do find that not smoking keeps me very busy these days, far too much energy.

Finishing off some decorating on the new extension and realising how scruffy it makes the rest of the house!!!

Will be joining you soon on the 5 months!!!!

Well done to your DH as well, mine has managed to stay quit as well.




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