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Inexcusable and totally stupid but I relapsed

I have been so strong in my quit. But at the weekend I slipped/ relapsed/ failed, 'insert preferred word'. I could bore you with my excuses but it was total stupidity, pure and simple.

I have let myself down but on a positive note, I now realise this is not a choice I am prepared to make again. My weight gain has been getting me down but my appetite seems to have evened out. I went for a long session at the gym last night. I swear I found it harder because of the poison I had inhaled at the weekend.

But this is progress. In the past I would have carried on smoking and chalked up another abandoned quit.

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Ellie i'm really sorry about the weekend. But, on a positive note you have learned something from it and your doing the best thing ie. getting straight back on with the quit.

I've had a few thoughts, what with all this nice weather and sitting outside etc. but thankfully there was no opportunity ie. no smokers around me so my quit wasn't really tested. We've just got to remind ourselves about why we started this in the first place.

I think this is one of the most testing times of year cos we all emerge from our houses, sitting outside in the garden/pub etc. Summer to autumn will be a breeze cos we'll all be staying inside to keep warm!

Don't dwell on it, Keep pushing forward, you know it's worth it!

Lorraine :)


Ellie you have had a very small slip and I am beginning to think the weather is not helping, there are so many that are slipping and they are not newbie’s you are the sort of person though who now you have tried it again you realise it’s not what you want to go back too, so this will never happen again I don’t believe.

Keep a firm focus on the benefits and you will do ok, we all know its not easy but when you have a crave that you give into I bet you don’t even know why you did it, If you need to chat don’t hesitate I am on so much and will be happy to try and keep your mind off of it, take care and smoke free xx


Oh Ellie, I'm gutted for you because I can hear the disappointment and frustration in your post:(

This weekend tested so many people - suddenly there were BBQ's being lit, alcohol being drunk and invariably that would have meant fags being lit in days gone by, and for some it did again.

But that was then and this is now - you are back posting, you haven't smoked since and have no intention to, so onwards and upwards to a smoke free week;)


BTW - I coould have easily have been in your shoes right now, but no-one at the party I was at on Saturday smoked, and when I sobered up on Sunday I was glad. It must have been the heat, it got to us all:eek:


Thanks you for the kind words and advice. I am moving forward. no point on dwelling on it. It's done and I have to learn from it. I have upped my yoga sessions this week and this is really helping.

In an ideal world my OH would have stayed in his quit but he didn't. I need to deal with it. At least he is not smoking in the house which makes a huge difference. I had a pedicure and manicure yesterday. I reminded myself that I would not have much money for treats if I start taking the poison again.


Hi ellieC

SOrry i missed this post..You sound more determined to crack this since your mistake smokes.........getting treats is a good way of reminding yourself what you wont be able to afford if you smoke...(good idea ellie i should try it a lot more often:D)

I got a feeling your not going to let this one go ...quit for keeps ....keep fighting & be proud xx:)


Hey Ellie,

Sorry to hear about your blip. But we both know thats all it was.

Soooo pleased to hear you back being positive :) Good on you girl.

I still take my hat of to you for quitting while your OH smokes. Thats doubly impressive in my book. Four months is fantastic!

Hope you are having a good day hon.



Ellie you are so doing that right thing - learning your lesson. I would perhaps recommend some reading just to make sure that your head is in the right place, we all know what a tricky little monster he can be.

Well done for remaining strong, it would have been easy to go back to it, but you didn't, so onwards and upwards to the Penthouse.


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