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No Smoking Day
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Oh what a stupid stipid girl i am

I had been quit for 34 days!! and I had the most horndous craving, i tried eveything to overcome it, this craving lasted all morning :mad:, then found myself in the car and off to the shop to buy a pack. I hated it :mad:, it was disgusting :mad: and went straight back on my NRT.

Ive been into my local quit smoking shop tonight and they have put me back to day 1 and start all over again :o. In one way i am glad as it serves me right for being so stupid, and in another way I am back to square one and feel anoyed with myself, and I cant say its been over a month now It was a hard lesson to learn but I wont be back to the shop again.

So my first day is almost over ... again

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Yo, this could happen to ANYONE on this forum.

You're not stupid - Stupid would be just giving in and carrying on smoking.

You slipped.

You picked yourself up.

You came back here.

This time will be better



Aw that must feel awful but don't be too hard on yourself, you slipped and immediately went to ask for help so major congratulations to you, you've instantly learned a very hard lesson and will now be stronger than ever before! x x


This is the first day of the rest of your life. I'm pleased to be here to share it with you.

Cess xx


Awww yoyoyo,

You know you can do it,day 1-theres no better place to start right.?:)

I know what you mean tho,you think youre in the clear and then you get a massive craving but stick with it!!

Love Lisa xx


found myself in the car and off to the shop to buy a pack. I hated it , it was disgusting

Hi yoyoyo,

don't beat yourself up about it;) honestly what's done's done, and just think! you didn't even enjoy the ciggie when you got it anyway:)

but!! what have you done with the rest of the pack???:eek: all i can suggest is to get rid of them!! if you leave them in a drawer out of the way!(thinking you'll forget they're there!) they will be calling to you all the time!!! and you might be tempted again!!! and we don't want that .....do we??:)


don't give up!! giving up!! and i'm sure we'll all stick by you on here! it is hard to quit,but sooner or later you wil get there, i did! as did alot of others!

look upon it as a journey, some people like the fast "A" to "Z" route! and others like the scenic route and take their time getting there, but with determination and support they get there

good luck & best wishes. poskit.x


Thanks for your support everyone

I am back to day 1, well day 2 now .... I had a cig and thats that! I cant say ive been stopped over a month when I havent, so next time I get that horrid craving again, i will really think twice about it as it was hard to accept I had to go back to day 1, but if its something I have to do to get to quit then its what ive to do.

I do feel more positive today and from now on i'm going to check in everyday and let you all know how I am feeling. I didnt come on here enough before.


Yo Yo, thats the way, just dust yourself of, and carry on with your quit, Your a star to come back straight away.



i think it's really impressive that you've pcicked yourself up, got straight back on the quitting horse (for want of a decent metaphor!) and starting counting again. It shows real strength of character to do that.

You sound really positive now, so maybe in the long run the blip will almost have helped as it's reinforced your desire to stop completely.

best of luck

H x :)


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