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No Smoking Day
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reminding myself

I needed to remind myself all the good that comes with quitting instead of dwelling on all the bad ..like i want one..its summer ..i want a beer & a fag outside..everyones smoking except me etc etc........i read up on how my bodies healing after almost 16 weeks & how healthier I am through quitting ....just sort of getting stuff back into my head again ..you know what it worked & i felt all proud at how far I have come .....Just thought i would share ...:)

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And bl**dy proud you should be - 16 weeks is fantastic.

That's all I have to say :o


ta pookie ....just not been reading owt since the start of my quit & it sort of helped me to read stuff again today..kind of brought my bubble back that i thought was being burst:)


Hi Kitkat,

Think I will try that as well as I feel exactly the same as you. Just seem to have lost my drive, determination & sense of pride. I haven't smoked but neither do I feel the sense achievement I should have felt at getting past my 3 month mark.

Hope your bubble continues to grow :)

Gaynor xx


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