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Continuing with my quit

Hi folks,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me last week when I was having a 'slight' meltdown after my blip.

I survived Newcastle with the girls at the weekend. Was very drunk indeed and had a ball but survived :)

I am having small cravings so to anyone thinking about "Just one" I would thoroughly recommend that you don't. It's rubbish and sets you back.

I would love to be jumping about and looking forward to getting to 5 months in a few weeks but I have ruined it for myself. Numpty that I am.

Have just read the post by the person who has hit 3 years and am so excited and one day want that to be me :)

Cheers folks,


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Hello debmcfly

sound like your doing great with your quit ...A nite out too & all that ....well done.........smoking mistakes dont let it bother you. Why should it? ..your "could be" 5 months is just a number ..its not a competition xxx be proud of today & what you acheiving right now ...well done on carrying on :)



Hey Kitkat,

Thanks for your post. My sis said pretty much the same tonight, 3 cigarettes in four and a half months. I never would have thought I could have managed that. No more though!




Hi deb awh your welcome

yeah & no more ..ill shout at yer if you do:D


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