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No Smoking Day
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My awesome quit buddy

I just wanted to write a post about my awesome quit buddy Molly (she's really gonna kill me)!!

Molly moves into the Penthouse tonight, she's had an amazingly tough year, one which would have broken most of us but through this she has remained strong and beaten the habit (with one minor slip which she recovered from immediately) . Not only has she kept herself together through the tough times, she has also been there offering support for every single person on this sie, you are one amazing ladyt.

I just want to say, massive congratulations for reaching the Penthouse Molly, I can't think of anyone more deserving and from a personal perspective you have been an awesome quit buddy and helped me to remain strong

So you run on into the Penthouse and get the party started for when I join you soon!! Paaaaartaaaaaaay!!!!

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Hi Molly, I'm grinning at this thread as I can't believe your entrance to the penthouse has come so soon after we first met here! it just goes to show that through determination and sheer effort your destiny is your own. Karen has summed it up perfectly. All I can say is great stuff, and congratulations - be proud of what you've achieved, I'm soooo pleased for you!!!!! :D


Congrats Molly welcome to the penthouse smiles.kolobok.us/light_ski...


Top draw stuff Molly! :D

You have managed to hold on to your quit despite all the horrible things that life has thrown at you over the last 12 months.

Anyone who is thinking of giving up their quit should take a leaf out of your book.

I am so pleased for you and I hope you treat yourself to something really nice to mark the occasion.

Party hard girl, you deserve it! x x x :D


Well done Molly :)


Molly posted this on your wall and realised I'd mucked up... Doh :

Well done Molly - I never doubted for a minute you would do it... From the beginning you have been a source of strength to many, including me. I never did go too far and made sure you were close at hand even though I stayed quiet.

You are an inspiration to many and nobody deserves this moment more than you.

It does not matter what has happened this year. We are so so much stronger now than we were even a few months ago.

Skip on



Big congratulations to you too Paul, you should be very proud! Now take Mollys hand and go party away in the penthouse....luckily its a weekend, so not too bad if you end up with a hangover!!!


I'm not for a few hours yet... I have it down to the minute - technically I am waiting until noon tomorrow. :-) Molly is trying to sneak in I think under an invisibility cloak.

You are correct in not letting her do that and calling her out. She will be the center of attention for her party... Step on up Molly.



Wow, I didn't even realise you'd done this Karen, you're very naughty but lovely with it and I'm really very grateful. You and Paul, Greg and Charlie, Lostie, Fi, Becky and last but never least Hazel have walked this path with me and you are the best quit buddies a girl could wish for!!

I'm also so pleased to have met so many really cool people and you have all made what has been a challenging year bearable.

I have no words to express how I feel today. I have to admit to struggling to read the beautiful things you have written because I shed more than a few tears. But, they are good tears. I am so relieved that I didn't give in, that I kept going even when I felt like I couldn't cope. I can honestly say that I kept going and didn't start smoking again because of all you guys.

I will never ever be able to repay you all but, for now, thank you from the very bottom of my (now healthier) heart.

Also, my mum would so so proud of me.

Now, where's Paul? I've my mini dress on and I'm ready for some skipping :D

Molly (grinning from ear to ear)


picgifs.com/smileys/smileys... Massive well done Molly!! picgifs.com/smileys/smileys...

You have had a stinker of a year, and you've managed to get through it really well!!

You deserve a nice cosy apartment inthe Penthouse!!

((( Hugs )))



Well done my love! You are just fabulous! I cannot believe a year has passed, it has gone so quickly but what a year you have had. This forum is all the richer for having you as a member and I for one could not be happier for you on your 1 year quit milestone! Fantastic Molly.xxxx


Better late than never!


I logged on today as our Karen has hit the one year mark only to come across this which I missed. WTH.

Mols, I know I said well done my love, but here I am again.

As everyone says you are such a treasure and a pet on this Forum and such a Star:). And yes your mum would be proud of you, as we all are Mols.

Paul too, congrats:). Must pay more attention!!!!!!!! So well done my love.

Now where's Karen / Kazzy or have I got that wrong too!!! Lostie soon too, Prince Charles Birthday, 14 Nov!

I need a secretary !!!!!!!!!!:)

Fi xx


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