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My Quit - Sorry to Disappear !!!


Hello to all my we quit buddies!!!! Ok, so it is day 11 and I haven't been here for a couple of days :( but just to alleviate any fears..... no I have not had a cigarette!!!

I wanted to though, in the worst way. It seems that sometime around the end of day nine I suddenly realized the bloom was off the rose of my quit lol. Suddenly not smoking was not looking so appealling anymore and I guess I have been hiding away sulking gggrrrrrrrrrrr !! I wasn't feeling like I had anything encouraging to offer.....

But today I have returned feeling a wee bit stronger at least for the moment and I was just reading Rustler's post and it made me feel awful that I hadn't seen it until now when I really could have been here to let him know that I was in exactly the same place. So sorry man for that!!!!!

No magic bullet, no fairie dust just a lot of dark days ahead hopefully to be followed by some really good ones too.

Thank you to everybody for being here and as I have said before, I never would have gotten this far without all of you !!! ;)

Peace ~ Sherri

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Also wanted to mention that since I threw the E-cig away on Tuesday all headaches have gone away yay!!! Who knows what's in those things, makes you wonder :mad:

Hi Sherri, i think you are doing great...i've had cravings but because of the patch they cant be anywhere as bad as yours! The emergency e-cig has been out a few times as well....obviously when no-one's about as i must look hideous lol

The disposable e-cig is not going to be replaced!

Hope good days outweigh any dark days ahead for you :)

Hang in there, we're doing great

Trudy x

nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Congratulations Sherri B smoke free - getting to day 11 is great.:)

Your days ahead may all be good ones with just the occasional craving. If you can get through the first 11 days going cold turkey I'm sure you're going to do very well.

How's your President going with his quitting smoking? We hear a lot about the US in Australia, and the last I heard he was on NRT, and has been for quite a while.

Thank you everybody, so good to be back and I so appreciate everybody's words of encouragement.

Nonico, I believe he is still tobacco free, but don't get me started on him lol. I am not much of a fan but he won re-election, what are you gonna do? Personally I believe our Pres and congress are a bunch of idiots that couldn't find their a$$ with both hands and they make us look like a laughingstock to the world. They need to just bring all our troops home from everywhere and stay the hell out of everyone else's business !!!! (sorry arghhh!!!!) :D

On the other hand I would love to come to your country....

Hiya Sherri, the way I see this forum is a little like a normal albeit really good friendship. In other words its a two way street. We WANT to be there for you when things feel awesomely good, just ok, a little rubbish or really bad. I for one would rather you'd been on the forum for the last couple of days.

It's each to their own though, whatever works is the way to go x

It's brilliant that you feel a little better. It really really will keep getting better from here on in Sherri so you'd better be sticking around now?

Molly x

Absolutely Molly, the crazy American is here to stay :D

Good to see you again Sherri, and I think you made the right move to get rid of the e-cig ;)

Me too. I believe it was the cause of the headaches I believe. Twenty four hours after I got rid of it they were gone. Not to mention that thing was keeping me tied to the action of smoking which I think has made it harder for me now. It was really dumb to use it. I do have patches but haven't used them. I am not opposed to it but would like to remain nicotine free if possible.

Maybe there is a question in this..... if all nicotine is out of our bodies then are we best to not reintroduce it OR is it best to keep it at some level while we work through the social/psychological addiction. I have been wondering about this if anyone has any feedback. :confused:

Great to hear you are still with us......I am now finding it harder than week one.......the novelty has gone and the reasons to start again banging round my head......

One thing that keeps me going is knowing that you and all the others are still smoke free......

My big test is tomorrow night when the other half is away.......temptation will be strong and I guess I will be posting for support ........

Anyway......good to hear from you......

Ramasus, so there you are lol :p

Ditto - Ditto - Ditto !!!!

Feel free to post away, we will all be here so bring it!!!

I'm glad you're still here too !! 2nd week definately worse, well I guess we are still learning. Maybe we should be having a peek at week 3 to see what other nasty little surprises may be in store for us eh???? :cool:

PS. My view is to get the nicotine out one and for all.......but I have no idea if this is the best route as I am thinking more about them now more than the previous days.......but the only thing I can say is I am happy that I am nicotine free and keeping that way is driving me on......

LOL.....peeking at week 3 ....... sound scary...... you do it and break it to me slowly......:p

Hehehe ! I am scared to look as well. Will give a real, eyeful once I get home from work in a couple of hours and let you know what I find.

A little reconnaissance mission :eek:

I hope it is better stuff than this week because for me this pretty much s*cked realy bad, and with no warning no less lol.

In regards to your comment about the nicotine, I just asked that question on another thread. If you recall I was using E-cig up until this past Tuesday and threw it out for a couple of reasons: A) I thought it was the cause of my headaches and B) the E-cig is bad because you are still simulating the action of smoking which I concluded was all bad. Anyway, my question was is it better to keep a bit of nicotine in your system say via patch and work on the social/psychological effects of quitting during that time vs. trying to deal with that absent any nicotine crutch. I just am not sure ??? I have patches and am going back and forth on using them.... your thoughts?? :confused:


Good to see sherri and ramasus back! I was worried about you two! And good question re nicotine. I too am finding it harder these past few days...would it be better to quit the gum or not....has anyone answered that question?!


I think the question is good and I haven't even thought about keeping a little bit of nicotine in there might be best in the long run.......I have just gone straight in to CT and now I am feeling like I have gone for a walk in the desert with nothing but flip flops and a pot noodle.......


BTW......Sarahgum......I have hit the leftover Christmas port and my mate has text me to nip out to the local........following your thread yesterday i told him is short term pain for long term gain.........

Ram and Sarahgum,

No we haven't had an answer yet but as for me...... I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps a bit of nicotine may make this more bearable, at least I am leaning in that direction right now. :confused:

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

To NRT or not to NRT!!

To NRT or not to NRT!!

I don't really know if there is any correct answer here. Some people feel as though they need to have some NRT in the form of patches, gum, inhalers or lozenges to get them through the early stages while others don't.

I don't think there is a right or wrong way to quit, but be guided by your own feelings. I suppose as long as you're off the cigarettes then whatever method you're using is working.

If you do use NRT the intent, of course, is to stop using it as early as possible - that's the impression I get from looking at the thread about the data from the January quitters. NRT was used but not for long.

Eventually all quits are cold turkey it is only in the beginning that variations occur. Many people would argue that after about a week of cold turkey it is not nicotine the body is craving, but it's the psychological side of breaking a habit.

Sherri ...... I have an ecig in the kitchen and a leftover patch in the bathroom.......I have not used them yet but if I get to the point where I cannot distract myself for 10 mins when the urge comes...... I will lean to the NRT rather than buying cigs.......I hope.....I pray.......

I will let you know will be my hardest test so far........ are right about the psychological effect......I sometimes wish I had some of the prescriptions the had in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest'......keep the voices at bay.......

Thanks for your point of view......appreciated......


I agree with your take exactly which is why I have resisted using the patch thus far. Having already done 11 days it would seem on some level to my way of thinking to be silly to re-introduce nicotine to the body so here is what I have decided to do:

I am going to continue CT and just take it a day at a time with both not smoking and NRT and see how that works for me. It may well be that I just keep putting it off and never use them. I hope so.

Ram, don't worry about the other (better half) lol being out of town tomorrow as I have no significant plans and will be available any time you need. Just send a message via forum or my page and I will get right back with you, no worries!!! ;) You never know it may work out the other way around hehe, I might be sending out an SOS of my own. One never can tell with this roller coaster, right?

Right now I am feeling really positive (doesn't hurt that work is done and cold beer is in hand heehee! ) but that can change pretty quickly as you know although drinking doesn't seem to bother me with respect to smoking.

TGIF !! Whoo Hoo

Peace ~Sherri

You are so right about the e-cig. I had been using one occasionally as a surrogate for a cigarette and realised that I hadn't really broken that 'habit' of popping outside for a smoke, rather I had just substituted it with an imitation. After a bad day yesterday and a realisation that I have to break the habit totally, I have binned the e-cig. Gum only for me from now on...

Your posts have been a huge help to me over the first two weeks. It is great that you are back.

Hi Kent, I agree with you on the E-cig 100% it's just my opinion but I think it's detrimental to quitting not to mention the lack of regulation with their manufacture so you don't know what's in them. Not cool, I had terrible headaches.

On another note, glad to be back and glad to meet you and see you out of the shadows lol. A big welcome and I look forward to many helpful chats. If I have been helpful, then you must like the mad ravings of a crazy american chick haha boy are you in trouble. :D

Peace ~ Sherri

Thanks Sherri..... I feel I will be needing support tomorrow.......even though we are on different time zones we all can help.......cheers babes.....

Sherri...... you need to join the Jan 2013 Quitters group.......all in it together........

I know Ram the damn time zone drives me nuts!!!!!!! It's only 6:22 Pm here now and most of you folks are either gone to bed or already into tomorrow if your in Australia. It's hard to post when anybody is actually on live argghhhh!!!

I am finding it that during the working week it helps if I go to bed early.......but I have always been a night owl on a weekend......I will support you whenever I can......

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